Acceptance: You Are Light

And so for today, the first lesson is Acceptance.

And what shall ye accept, ye ask. For there is so much to learn and know.

To first accept yourselves as beautiful beings. Do you perceive more the fallible, the egocentric, the I-could-have-done-better, less-than parts? And I ask you to begin with the acceptance of yourself as a light being.

And so what does this mean to you? Yes, you have this vague knowing that light emanates from you. That there is light in every cell. And that you are a series of waves, working together. And yet when you look down at your hands and at your feet and at your body, you see the physical density of physical embodiment.

And so how do we cross the divide from physical to light?

photoFirst, we accept that we are light. For in accepting you are light, then you can develop perception of light. And, so, how do you perceive yourself as light? What light do you perceive yourself to be? And how do you perceive others as light?

And is perception simply visual? For some will claim it is. And others perceive in other ways. And, so, what of the myriad of ways of seeing, perceiving light. For we ask you not to perceive seeing as the only methodology. For some will see with their eyes, and others will hear with their ears, and yet others will know, and the many who feel. And none of these are to be perceived or valued as better or more important than the others.

Also, acceptance relates to acceptance of the way each person knows light. So, you accept yourself as light body–then you begin to perceive light and light body, yours and others. And it is not just people who have light body, for all beings, all spirit in your plane has light body, including tables and chairs, plants and trees, soil and rock, water and wind. All is the essence of light.

And then, it is the acceptance of how that light is perceived. For know that while some will see, others may hear. And there is this understanding that how you experience light, perceive light in this dimensional plane in which your consciousness resides may be different in other dimensional planes. And yet, some of you have chosen to perceive the light in the same manner in which you perceive it in different dimensional planes. And know that what light is perceived and accept that what you perceive may be different from what another perceives. For you see, your light guides what you perceive. Just as others’ lights guide what they perceive. You may be perceiving one dimensional plane of light, while another may be perceiving another dimensional plane of light.

Imagine the wave of light moving through different dimensions, and as the wave moves through different dimensions, can it not help but be affected by that dimensional plane?

And so as beings, you are perceiving light in innumerous planes, and, yet, are you perceiving it in the same plane? Accept that you are not.

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