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Vibrational Allowing

vibrational allowingGreetings, Dear Ones. We are working with you today on change and flow, on shift and shine. As you are moving forward during this magical time, there is much sifting and jockeying. There is speeding up and slowing down. And at moments, you may even feel like you are stalling out, floating. All is in the natural flow of your cycles, growth and expansion. Be not afraid when you seemingly slow down. When you seemingly stall out.

All places have served their purposes in your growth and expansion. It can almost feel like you are surging ahead, and you don’t know if you should surge ahead or pull back. You may feel doubt or wonder is this the direction am I to go? Should I move forward? I don’t know. What’s the right thing to do.

Doubt may arise. It’s ok. In these moments, ground yourself. Synchronize. (What I’m seeing right now is a person staying still right now for a moment as the energy sinks in, and I’m seeing an image of a snow globe shaking and letting the particles fall, finding a new layering.)

Once the vibrational dust has settled, feel into it. Know into it. Look into it. See what inspires you. See what direction you want to move into. It may be completely different than where you just ventured. Try something new. Find some new perspective.

It may be that you forge ahead even further into the direction you once where in. There is no wrong way. There is no misstep.

It is simply the trying out of vibrational allowing. Some of you want diversity of experience, and so it is like you move forward and backward, forward and backward, in different directions. Others pursue a more narrow range of experience and yet go deeper into it and might shift and explore if from a deeper dimension. All is well, no matter what you choose to explore.

Know that you might have desires to experience completely new ideas and experiences, places, peoples. It may be confusing because you may think where did this come from? Why do I want to do this?

Know that you are being divinely inspired.

Take your cues. Or go within to find the beautiful spot within you that is wanting to bloom so that you can more closely see the vibration of the experience.

All is good. All is divine.

We are wanting you to have the confidence in your explorations to go with peace and love. To go with the joyful countenance. To understand the journey is unfolding. To be not afraid if you don’t know what will happen next. Where you will go next.

Some of you are experiencing shifts in where you want to live, and this is shaking you at your very core, your home foundation, and yet you are compelled to move thus forward. While we realize this experience can cause disequilibrium, know that you are finding your home vibration. The places and spaces that will more healthily help you align with your true heart’s desires.

Some of you may perceive that you may take a misstep, that it may take a few tries to find the right place in space. Flow. There are no mistakes. Open to the divine timing of the unfolding and know that every resting spot is calling you forward, knowing where you should be. Sometimes you are helping the spot, the place. Sometimes the place is helping you. Often, there is a co-collaboration between you the space and others around, grounding the vibration of oneness. Wherever your hearts shall go, know the value of this work to the universe. Know that you are special and appreciated, and so are your courageous acts of alignment.

As you shift and align, so too are others able to follow suit. When you shift out of what is not yours, the energy becomes available to those who need and so on and so on. All energy is recycled as used experience, blessed.

This is the way we are. Constantly shifting and changing, growing. If not in one dimensional plane then another. We are wanting you to know that all is well in these shifting times. And to encourage you to know joy and to love yourself–each beautiful facet that unfolds and is explored.

Go in peace and love.

Going Within: You Are the New Frontier

New Frontier 1I had my trade session with my awesome Feldenkrais practitioner, Tammy Rosen last week, and the next day, we were blessed with this amazing channeling. I asked Tammy if she would write up what happened in our sessions as an intro to the channeling–You Are the New Frontier.  Thanks, Tammy!

Last week I had my weekly energetic “play” session with Simone. Sometimes the session are more for the healer–teaching us how to work with clients; sometimes they are more for the recipient. This one was geared toward showing Simone how to sense and see people’s chakra’s dimensionally. She used her hand over my third chakra, feeling what she described as the ridges of it.

She realized she could see not just MY chakra, but the 3rd chakra of all my dimensional selves (what we used to refer to as “past lives” but now that we understand there is no time, we are calling multidimensional selves).  She saw that two of these selves had a pebble stopping up the chakra.  I intended to remove the pebble (she heard that with clients who aren’t such active participants as I, she can just do it herself).  Once the pebbles were removed, I felt a sensation of fullness in my chakra, as if it had grown in strength/depth.  Simone saw it as complex geometries–cogs and wheels that fit and moved together in intricate patterns as the multidimensional selves’ energies interact.  With the pebbles had stopped up that flow.

We did the same thing with my sixth chakra, and then were told that was all for the day.

The following day, I felt confused, as I had been going into my third chakra to meditate with oneness, but now that it felt so expanded, it seemed to extend so far beyond my body, I wasn’t sure how to use it.

Here is the channeled reply:

You Are The New Frontier

Simone saw geometric spaces appear.  She reports they are present as if almost like a vacuum.  She says, “Normally when I think of geometries, they expand out.  This was a flash of what we would perceive as going in. There were just as many dimensions going in, which in terms of linear space and how we experience it, it doesn’t make sense.”

And then the channeling began.

We want you to know that you will be working with all kinds of magical iterations of geometries that there is no forward or backward, up or down. In oneness, gravity does not exist.  In and out, here and there, place and space are not the same as you perceive with your Earth-body presence.  Earth-body presence captures particular space.  It sets boundaries, allows you to perceive distinctions, depths.  In oneness, these boundaries do not exist.  You are not here OR there.  You ARE.

And so as you work with chakras in dimensional reality, you no longer see boundaried space.  You lift the veil to perceive all there is which does not conform to your understanding of Earth time and space.  What you will see, know, feel, experience is radical to your Earth brain as it does not make sense in terms of how Earth world is ordered.  It is like shifting from a gravitational state to weightlessness.  Everything you know about movement shifts when there is no gravity.  Just so, everything you know about chakras changes when you no longer have boundaried time and space. 

While you can wrap your head around worlds within worlds as you look outside of yourself, logically you know there is your galaxy, your universe, infinite space, and yet the thought of infinite space within you seems impossible. You could perhaps wrap your head around going within to a state of zero, a place of zero.  But in your Earth body, you perceive that eventually, there is nothing. 

Simone thinks of the fractal geometry.  One [side of the equation] always expanding to infinity and one always moving to zero.  And yet outside of your system, your Earth body, there are worlds within worlds. There is no direction. And so you are aware of your chakras’ essence, Ness, which is infinite and not bound by any parameters of space, time, gravitational force. 

Imagine asking strangers to be aware of the Earth-bound body and infiniteness as simply as that.  No, they could not imagine it.  They might appreciate the premise. They might play with you in terms of the possibility.  And yet the experience of it would be fleeting for most. And yet now you are experiencing infinite-ness.  One-ness.  Of your own and others geometric-ness.  And it takes your brain some getting used to, though the soul is willing to play.  This [one-ness, Infinite-ness] is not uncommon in the realm of the soul.  It is the knowing, the infinite knowing of the soul.  The home of the soul.

And so imagine that you are shifting from gravity to weightlessness, gravity to weightlessness.  It could create disequilibrium for the brain.  And yet like all things, your human mind will learn to accept the truth of it as you exercise the states of being.  As you flex the muscle of adaptation and perception.  You will learn to feel in flow, bound by your earth body and yet able to experience oneness. 

Throughout time, there have been shape shifters.  Your native peoples learned to shape shift into their spriti-ness.  And this new tool is a form of shape shifting, shifting from physical to non physical.  Shifting from limited to limitlessness.  And it is a beautiful gift.  One to treasure as you learn to travel through space and time. You are the new frontiers. 


Fluid Movement

seed bubbleThis week, I had a client who asked a pretty common question—something that relates to so many of us.  She asked Christine, Do I have blocks to release today?

Christine’s reply was so beautiful.

Yes. You have the seeds of lifetime millennium and patterns–bubbles that rise up and when they come to the surface. They are air, and they release. They release in divine timing. You are releasing patterns, as is coherent and consistent with your divine journey. To lift all spontaneously is not best for your divine path. However, as you move through and they lift, you can choose to move through these experiences effortlessly, without resistance.

Know that these experiences in some instances may require seemingly huge shifts in perception for you to believe the unbelievable and remember, dear one, the reason they crystallize was the perception of patterns of experience–a conclusion drawn from that which was not there. And so to shift through requires a suspension of belief of pattern, of possibility.

I saw an image of an inner-tube in a chaotic white water rafting tour, going from pool to pool, requiring a total suspension of belief. My client leapt off into the water, which seems the opposite thing to do in the situation.

There are several places in your life in which you resist change. You believe it has to be this way or that way, and yet it doesn’t. In each of the hard spots in your life, in each of the places you are at a seeming impasse, suspend all notions of knowingness. Flow with the vibration of oneness, and notice where you emerge. The shifting is easy if you are willing to suspend control of all actions.

I saw my client in resistance with other beings, then she leaves her physical body and shifted into a vibration and just floated in the vibration.  When she came out of the vibrational state, it was like none of resistance existed anymore.  It was just gone.

You are practicing being in the divine flow of life. Each time you resist, step into this flow, suspend the belief and release the judgment.  Be in the most divine outcome that is alignment with your holy, sacred self, knowing divine bliss, your light of love, the soul which is divine fragments of trust.

Each time you notice yourself resisting, stiffening up, you may feel this in your backbone and your neck, as a tensing, a straightening that is unnatural to your highest vibration. In these moments it is like the viper. When your body so experiences any event, experience, action, conversation, any time, your body stiffens, release and let go.  When you do, when you can shift into liquid light vibration, new things will show up–opportunities, new things to try,

You also attach dates and timelines which are limiting in that all flows in divine timing and you are only aware of one dimension. You are not knowing how being open to your divine significance, flows through the totality of all of your light body.

While it is seemingly counter-intuitive, we ask you to suspend timelines, though we understand how your humanness perceives energy in a linear fashion. We ask you to be in the vibration of your divine significance, your flow, and open to your munificence though you may or may not have three D physical proof of its existence.  Know it, feel it, be it, allow it. Limit it not with dates and times and numbers. Understand that these are ways to discredit, disbelieve the essence of your nature and the nature of all things. We understand we are asking a lot, but, remember, one day you wake up and it’s all there and you realize it was always all there.

Loosen up, let go, BELIEVE. The kingdom of god is yours. Believe that your light, your divinity is and always will be there. Control not, for there is no control. Control is a fruitless flow of servitude. Control is a task master that collapses in upon itself.

We ask a lot of you. There is a difference between the strategies for manifesting and what you have applied yourself to, which is Divinity. It is one thing to use tools to move forward, to learn to manifest and align with your divine vibration, and yet this work that you choose now is to align with your divinity.  The scales are different.

My Client asked:  Basically, if I hang out in my highest vibration, that’s my quickest route to get to my munificence? The deadlines and numbers are hurdles or barriers in my path? Opportunities for disbelief?

Be driven by complete joy in every moment. Be so present in every moment of moving forward. Demonstrate a lack of looking behind at what was. Focus on the fluid movement of looking forward of being in every moment, present in joy.

I asked my client for permission to share this information on the blog as I feel it has universal application, and she agreed.  Enjoy!

Ecstacy: Worlds Within Worlds of Words

Rainbow ThistleI have been reading the book The Way of the Essenes, and in one part, it talks about worlds within words. Since the moment I read it, I have been thinking about the idea that within words there are worlds within worlds.

On Feb 27, I channeled Christine, and she addressed this idea, saying:

You have been playing with the notion of the words that you read about worlds within words. Within every word, a universe of meaning and energy trails. While you know it is true, the expansion of the application of this idea to everything you know seems overwhelming as words, most often, do not even take up physical space. Words and thoughts often exist in the realm of the mind, in the air. And yet they contain worlds upon worlds of energy.  What is, how much is energetically involved in, created, embedded in physical things? It is mind-blowing for you to consider. And yet you know it is true. And you have been wrapping your human brain around the idea that in the chair you sit, in the fabric in the rug, in the walls, in the cards, in the signs, in the trees, in the rocks, the leaves, the air, in the clouds, in everything embedded is so much energy.

What is it? What is it saying? What does it mean? It is overwhelming this thought. When you think John Milton was the last human recorded to have read every text written and that was before Internet and how much knowledge sharing is in the world, it seems impossible to know all there is to know and to combine those thoughts with the thought that there are worlds of energy within every word. It is incomprehensible to the human mind. Nearly.  Because as yet, you know this is the truth of it.

Think upon this: if there are worlds within worlds in every word, think of the enormity, the expansiveness of energy. And your human mind thinks what can I know? How much of this can I know?

Even in the fiber of the chair in which you sit. This chair which you have had for over 20 years, how much energy is embedded within it? And your human mind thinks about–when was I cross? When was I unhappy in this chair? What vibrations are woven in the weave? And when you apply that thought to everything your eye casts about on, it can be unnerving, overwhelming. And I see you thinking, I don’t need to know everything because it’s too much. It feels more than you can handle.

And if there are worlds within worlds within each word, what is there beyond the veil? And yet it is quite simple. All leads to love.

If you simply quiet your mind and allow yourself to vibrate with each one [word] to let go of the thought, let go of the knowing, to just feel the vibration, all of the worlds open to the vibration of love. And when you feel the vibration, when you feel into the flow of vibration, there is great stillness and peace of flow that takes you to divine love.

The effect is the exact opposite of what your mind will allow. That chaotic energetic when you pursue the worlds within worlds with human mind, with human knowing and human concepts, you experience these ideas as chaotic movement with polarities.  Good and evil. Difference and separation. The mere reckoning with processes and what all that entails is overwhelming, and yet if you let go of human mind and flip into the energy trail of worlds within worlds, all leads to a love so love you have yet to know or experience it. And yet when you allow yourself the stillness, slide into the flow, all becomes stillness, oneness, peace, ecstasy, love,

I wanted to share this with everyone because I find it just so incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful to Christine for sharing.

You see, my world is filled with words—written words, spoken words, channeled words, thought words.  It seems that all aspects of my life—job, hobby, life, soul purpose—revolve around words.  Communication. You may be thinking, wow, that’s a lot of words she experiences in a day.  What’s ironic is that I experience much of my job, hobby, life, soul purpose in my home in the still, quiet solitude of the rural desert.  If one were a fly on the wall watching me go about most of my day, one might think, hmm . . . where are all the words because it is most often silent.  And yet, words are all over. Everywhere.  Inhabiting my days in so many ways.

I have been contemplating worlds within worlds within each word.  This idea seemed so immense.  Seemingly so much more than I am.  So big that I kept thinking about it.  Have you ever had that experience where you just can’t stop thinking about something that on the cellular level seems true but is bigger than who you are????

As I have been thinking about it, all of these images come to me.  Cartoonish images where I see a person talking and the words appear and this geometry of life flows into the universe.  Then I think now within each one of those words trailing, floating into the universe, there is another universe emitting from it.  I think about a dictionary with all of the different definitions for one word, the fine shades of meaning, and energy trails emitting from each of those and then again.  I imagine all of the words on the internet or facebook or anywhere, really, and then they are flying through the ether and other energy blooms from each and begins its own trail.  It’s all so expansive. So much.  At moments, overwhelming to me.

Through Christine’s message, especially the part about finding the vibration of the word to experience the worlds of energy and that the worlds within worlds within words all leading to love. A love so love I have yet to fully experience it.  I am mesmerized by the idea that instead of these worlds within worlds within words leading to chaos, they lead to stillness.  Oneness.  Peace.  Ecstasy.  Love.

When I was channeling this message, I felt it.  Felt what she was saying, especially the peace, stillness, love.  I knew on a cellular level it was true and desired to share this on the blog, thinking maybe others will feel it as they read it. Just as I typed those words, a Raven is on top of my house cawing, cawing, cawing.  Its caws like an exclamation point. Agreeing. Affirming. Magically acknowledging.  I hope to continue the meditation, following the flow of a word to Oneness. Ecstacy.

I am often so awed by how humans create experiences to learn, and sometimes through the experience, the human mind creates a pattern or belief or perception that is exactly opposite of what was intended, desired.  This was one of those instances for me until Christine clarified.  Now, instead of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the idea that there are worlds within worlds within each word, I am feeling blessed.  Quiet.  Still. Peaceful. Grateful.  Excited by the prospect of experiencing even more.  Excited by the prospect of bringing more love so love to all of my life through words–a word. Any word. Ecstasy. You.

The Year of the Horse

I’ve been thinking a lot about giving and receiving love.  About being in the vibration of love.  About how sometimes I have moments when I am so moved by the vibration of love that tears spring from my eyes.

And I’ve been thinking about how much I love my horse, Biscuit.

Sometimes when my fifteen-month-old granddaughter comes over to visit and, for whatever reason, she cries, I take her outside and sit on a rock just outside Biscuit’s pen.  He will walk over and beam love at her.  It is palpable.  What I notice is that she will gradually stop crying, and when she realizes she isn’t crying, she’ll look up at me a little confused, like she’s wondering . . . what’s happened?  I was upset, but I’m not now.  Biscuit beams and beams and stays with us as long as we are there.

When Biscuit first came to live with me, I went out to be with him every day.  I brushed him and poured my heart out to him.  In my mind, I was nursing him back to life.  We’d rescued him, and he was about 150 pounds under weight, had a patched hoof, and his coat was dull and patchy.  He seemed to just need some loving.  That was easy.  My perception was that I was loving him back to health.

After about six months of this, I came home after a hard day, exhausted and needing a shoulder to cry on. I walked down to the barn and went to brush Biscuit.  Instead of my normal cheery ramblings, I started to cry the minute I lifted the brush.  I apologized for my mood. I remember hugging him. Just wrapping my arms around him and leaning in.  As I stood their hanging on, I saw an image of a green stallion.  Biscuit was sending me love.

In that moment, I knew that Biscuit had been loving me all along.  I was so focused on sending love, I didn’t realize I was receiving love too.

I just read about studies the Institute of HeartMathhas conducted about bidirectional “healing” that happens when we are near horses.  Research shows that the heart has an electromagnetic field that is larger and has a higher level of intelligence than the brain.  And while the heart’s energy field can be measured radiating as much as eight to ten feet around the body, a horse’s electromagnetic field is five times larger, stronger, and can directly influence our hearts.  It is likely horses have a “coherent” heart pattern, which studies indicate is a robust measure of well-being and consistent with emotional states of calm and joy.  When we feel positive emotions, we exhibit these patterns.


I know that Biscuit’s love has affected me and my grandbaby, and now I understand why.

And I also learned something about myself.

When I feel love overflowing, I have been steeped in positive emotions, especially gratitude, joy.

Have you noticed that when you feel totally happy and you walk into a space, your joy can lift others up?  Or when someone else is filled with happiness, you are uplifted?

Think about the possibilities.

By simply feeling positive emotions, calm and joy result.  Our hearts open up.  They radiate out.  That vibration affects everything up to ten feet around you.

I have come to realize that every time I have been filled with love to the point of spilling over, it is a cocreation.  I am both radiation love and receiving divine love from everyone and everything around me.

Today we move into the Year of the Horse, and that has new meaning to me.

Gift from Christine: Pineal Activation

Simone channeled the following gift from Christine, Lady of Light and Sound after I asked for Pineal Activation. She offers it to the world– all you need do is watch the video with your intention and you, too, will receive the gift!  –Tammy Rosen (the recipient in the video)


Greetings Dear Ones.  

I have given to you a Pineal Activation to facilitate your expansion.  This activation works to help you release energy from your pineal gland and come more fully into alignment with your light body and gifts. 

After you have experienced this activation, notice for three days what you experience.  You may experience a variety of feelings, thoughts, emotions, knowingness, etc.  You may feel the activation in your physical body as it is occurring and or afterward.  You may experience clarity of thought and knowingness.  You may experience bands of energy releasing from your pineal gland, and if you see things, you may see this process occurring.

It is very important to witness all that you are experiencing, however you notice.  By this, I mean write it down or tell someone who supports you.  Notice everything.

If you are an energy worker, a light being or simply curious, notice how your gifts open up., shift.  No matter what you do, notice how you are more fully connected with your home vibration, your Ness, your soul self. 

You may experience a little impatience as you see and understand things at a different pace than you did before. You may be exponentially faster and struggle to understand why others don’t see things as quickly as you.  Be patient with yourself and others during this time.

If you would like to honor this gift through support, please make a donation at www.Simonegers.com.  I have given sacred geometry in the way of numbers, and these geometries work with and enhance the activation.  Choose the amount that resonates with you.  Your honoring is appreciated as it creates balance in the energy exchange.

This is a coceative process, just as any energy exchange is.  And your will to expansion, your honoring of self through the activation and energy exchange, your belief are part of the cocreation. Be with love in this opening of light, this cocreation.

If through your experience with this activation you realize you decide you would like to more fully embrace and use this gift in your own work with clients, email Simone at sg @ simonegers.com.  I have given a training protocol for anyone who wants to use this gift with others. 

It is my intention to spread light and love in the world, and I do this through light and sound.  I have returned to the Earth plane to help all of humanity in balance, peace, and love. You will know if you are called to help in this manner.

There are so many ways to spread love and light in the world, and whatever your connection to this work, you are dearly loved and appreciated.

In peace and love, Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Sacred Geometry Amounts

New Meditations Channeled from Christine Uploaded

I just uploaded a series of channeled meditations. The light and sound quality are not up to par, and we apologize–we’ll be working to improve that in the future. The messages, however, are amazing.

Please stop over to our Meditations page and give them a listen. If you like them, hit “like” and follow Simone’s channel on Youtube.

Thank you!


A few weeks ago, I noticed the wind shifting directions ever so slightly.  That’s the signal for me that Fall is soon to follow.  From the moment I notice the shift in the wind, other signs quickly follow.  I notice there’s not so much bird song in the morning and that it’s dark when I getting home.  The temperatures start to drop.

I love Fall.  I love the exhale that the shifting temperatures bring.  I love the shifts in nature.

I find myself turning inward, tuning into the rhythms.  Seeing what’s ready to release.  Noticing the pulse of what’s to come.

Fall, for me, is like the space between the inhale and the exhale breath.  It’s the time when I reflect on what I’m letting go of and what I am drawing into me.  And just as that space between breaths lifts me up, lightens me, allows possibility, so does Fall.

My husband has always been a gardener, and when we were first married, he said to me, “Fall is the time for planting.” His reason was that when you plant something in early fall, it has the time to establish its root system and then it stores energy for spring.  Then when spring comes, the plant has the opportunity for growth.

And so it is with me.  I plant the seeds of desire in Fall when I go inward with love and gratitude for all that I have experienced and admiration for how all of my experiences have created desires within me.

Where do you find yourself this Fall?  Are you going within?  Are you a Fall bloomer–are you bringing forth a current creation? What are your natural patterns?

We don’t all experience seasons in the same way.  No matter how you are shifting with the onset of Fall, are you conscious of your patterns?  Do you know what you want?  I just read an article on how learning experiences are exponentialized when the learner consciously intends to learn.  Whatever you want, wherever you are, are you consciously engaged? Are you intending, creating consciously?

I sure hope so!


Love, Abundance & Detachment

Love to the Infinite PowerI was working with Renee Rose on manifesting, discussing marketing options for an upcoming book. I noticed some drag with one of the options that she was working with.  I asked her, “what’s the resistance?”  She said, ”I don’t know.  I’m detached from the outcome.”

As I’m listening to her, I start to see the energy of her relationship with the option. She is detached from the outcome, and the way that shows up energetically is that her energy and the energy of the marketing opportunity are distinct, not engaged in any way.

Hmm . . .

As I share this image with Renee, I have the understanding of situations when we want something but we say it doesn’t matter if it happens or not.  When we feel detached, we are detached.

So, I asked Renee to love the option—to connect with it and love it.  And then it came alive.

Renee didn’t believe she was in resistance, but, in fact, detachment was resistance. Renee said, “I thought I was letting go, letting God,” but she realized the detachment was actually “to protect myself from rejection.” It was fear based.

In other words, it was resistance.

I understood.  Renee was thinking about submitting a book to certain reviewers’ sites, so what she was contemplating would be really “putting herself out there.” Fear is understandable.

When she connected with the opportunity and then started sending it love, the vision came to life. Renee’s energy harmonized with the energy of the opportunity.  There was flow and harmony. Peace.  An overwhelming feeling of love.

“That’s it,” I said. Then I asked her, “how do you feel?”

“Great,” she says.

“How do you feel when you think about submitting?”


We both realized that love is the ultimate detachment.  Through love, detachment is not about protection or fear.  It is about knowing that whatever happens love remains.  When we send love to what we want, engage with it at the purest level and harmonize with love, outcome truly does not matter. Harmonizing through love was the ultimate success; whatever happened, Renee knew it would be in her perfect and highest good.

It is through love that genuine detachment is achieved, and what better way to open to the abundance and magic of the universe?

Many thanks to Renee for wanting to share this story with others!