Cocreating: Exponential Energy

I have been busy and having so much fun cocreating and want to share a few experiences that have inspired me this week.

John and I hosted a workshop “Dream A Dream” last weekend, and the group was amazing.  What I watched unfold was the miracle of cocreating with others who are courageous and loving.  At the beginning of the workshop, we all briefly stated what we wanted to manifest this year.  One participant stated, “I want to create space in my life.”  After we grounded and talked about our beliefs about our goals, this participant courageously declared that she wanted to change her goal to what she really wanted, which was to be in a loving relationship with a man.  I felt the love in the other participants’ hearts flow to her as she expressed her true heart’s desire.  Then, a shift in the whole workshop occurred.  Other were empowered to clarify and more specifically declare their own goals.  As the participants worked through their restatements, I could feel their individual, the group, and the room’s vibration shift.  Then in 30 minutes, each person created an amazing vision board.  When each person shared their vision through their descriptions and their vision boards at the end of the workshop, there was so much love and respect flowing–for self, for others, and for the group.  As Gregg Braden notes: “Through the power of consciously focusing on the things that we create in our imagination, we give them the ‘nudge’ that brings them trough the barrier from the unreal to real.”  What do you want to bring to reality this year?

I am working with a client who wants to increase her business at her clinic.  We cocreated with the energy of the clinic.  After phase one of the work, the client emailed me to let me know that the energy in her space had complete changed—odd smells were gone, the light had changed, and best of all, her phone was ringing with clients calling to book sessions.  I am especially in awe of and in a complete state of gratitude for this experience as this client lives in Europe, we have never met—have had very little communication–and I have no clue what her physical space looks like or where it is.

I have a client who is an author who wanted her specific books to be in Amazon’s top 100 in her genre.  After we cocreated with the energy of her books, they were all in the top 100 in days.  Imagine Snoopy dancing.  That’s me.  (And probably her!) I so love it when others achieve their dreams.

I am finding that anytime I join in love with someone else to send love to someone or something, the energy is exponentialized.

Here’s an example.

I was talking to my son on the phone.  He was having a tough day.  Our phone call abruptly closed when he said, “Mom, I’ll call you back.”  The minute we hung up, I texted three friends I can count on to join with me in love.  My text was simple.  Please join with me in sending T love to the extent it is for his perfect and highest good.  Within seconds, I got responses.  “I’m on it.”  “Done!”  Within fifteen minutes, my son called back to report that he was fine, that everything had worked out beautifully, magically, better than he could have ever expected.

Notice something.  I did not ruminate over what was wrong or what needed fixing.  I focused on what I wanted—my son to feel the love and support of the universe. I called in support—cocreators in love.  We just sent our love to him for his highest good.  Whatever that was.  We were willing to allow the universe to handle the situation.  And it did.  Better than we ever could have even imagined.

I so appreciate the people in my life who I can ask, can you join with me in love?  We are so inspired by the beauty, joy and power of what happens when we send love together.  I so appreciate working with clients who are ready to cocreate with love, to consciously energize their lives, their creations with love.

In Peace and Love, Simone

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