Fluid Movement

seed bubbleThis week, I had a client who asked a pretty common question—something that relates to so many of us.  She asked Christine, Do I have blocks to release today?

Christine’s reply was so beautiful.

Yes. You have the seeds of lifetime millennium and patterns–bubbles that rise up and when they come to the surface. They are air, and they release. They release in divine timing. You are releasing patterns, as is coherent and consistent with your divine journey. To lift all spontaneously is not best for your divine path. However, as you move through and they lift, you can choose to move through these experiences effortlessly, without resistance.

Know that these experiences in some instances may require seemingly huge shifts in perception for you to believe the unbelievable and remember, dear one, the reason they crystallize was the perception of patterns of experience–a conclusion drawn from that which was not there. And so to shift through requires a suspension of belief of pattern, of possibility.

I saw an image of an inner-tube in a chaotic white water rafting tour, going from pool to pool, requiring a total suspension of belief. My client leapt off into the water, which seems the opposite thing to do in the situation.

There are several places in your life in which you resist change. You believe it has to be this way or that way, and yet it doesn’t. In each of the hard spots in your life, in each of the places you are at a seeming impasse, suspend all notions of knowingness. Flow with the vibration of oneness, and notice where you emerge. The shifting is easy if you are willing to suspend control of all actions.

I saw my client in resistance with other beings, then she leaves her physical body and shifted into a vibration and just floated in the vibration.  When she came out of the vibrational state, it was like none of resistance existed anymore.  It was just gone.

You are practicing being in the divine flow of life. Each time you resist, step into this flow, suspend the belief and release the judgment.  Be in the most divine outcome that is alignment with your holy, sacred self, knowing divine bliss, your light of love, the soul which is divine fragments of trust.

Each time you notice yourself resisting, stiffening up, you may feel this in your backbone and your neck, as a tensing, a straightening that is unnatural to your highest vibration. In these moments it is like the viper. When your body so experiences any event, experience, action, conversation, any time, your body stiffens, release and let go.  When you do, when you can shift into liquid light vibration, new things will show up–opportunities, new things to try,

You also attach dates and timelines which are limiting in that all flows in divine timing and you are only aware of one dimension. You are not knowing how being open to your divine significance, flows through the totality of all of your light body.

While it is seemingly counter-intuitive, we ask you to suspend timelines, though we understand how your humanness perceives energy in a linear fashion. We ask you to be in the vibration of your divine significance, your flow, and open to your munificence though you may or may not have three D physical proof of its existence.  Know it, feel it, be it, allow it. Limit it not with dates and times and numbers. Understand that these are ways to discredit, disbelieve the essence of your nature and the nature of all things. We understand we are asking a lot, but, remember, one day you wake up and it’s all there and you realize it was always all there.

Loosen up, let go, BELIEVE. The kingdom of god is yours. Believe that your light, your divinity is and always will be there. Control not, for there is no control. Control is a fruitless flow of servitude. Control is a task master that collapses in upon itself.

We ask a lot of you. There is a difference between the strategies for manifesting and what you have applied yourself to, which is Divinity. It is one thing to use tools to move forward, to learn to manifest and align with your divine vibration, and yet this work that you choose now is to align with your divinity.  The scales are different.

My Client asked:  Basically, if I hang out in my highest vibration, that’s my quickest route to get to my munificence? The deadlines and numbers are hurdles or barriers in my path? Opportunities for disbelief?

Be driven by complete joy in every moment. Be so present in every moment of moving forward. Demonstrate a lack of looking behind at what was. Focus on the fluid movement of looking forward of being in every moment, present in joy.

I asked my client for permission to share this information on the blog as I feel it has universal application, and she agreed.  Enjoy!

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