Light of Love

Light of loveThe question “When we hold expectations of others, can we still be unconditionally loving?” has been coming up, so I asked Christine about it.  I find her response fascinating.  Enjoy.

The expectation is the need you have for fulfilling your own desires.

Is your expectation unfulfilled by you? Do you need another to fill you up?

If you have filled yourself up, what is the basis of the expectation?

Is it judgement?

Do you wish someone to be what you need them to be?

Or is there a mutually agreed upon contract? (Vision of two people shaking hands.) When two people align in agreement, there is the expectation that each will conduct his or her part.

And so what of the agreement? When one does not fulfill the contract or another changes the expectation without agreement? Who is to say who is “at fault,” “wanting”? This is the complication, for there is no one [single] answer; for it is the creation of the beings who agreed.  For some will simply walk away and feel no remorse and create another world to inhabit, satisfied with what lies within. And yet others will demand satisfaction, which leaves a wanting, which is a reflection of the wanting within. And still others will see the breech in countless ways that mirror what is inside of them and how the soul chooses to grow.

And why the agreement in the first place?  Why the wanting to join? Why the desire to learn from expectation?

For you see, this [joining with others] is a lesson in, among other things, unconditional love.  

And so you say you are unconditionally loving someone. Is it so true?

You are wanting to know the wherefores, the how-tos of unconditional love and some may say an acceptance of all that is. And others may say an allowing of all that will be. And so they will all be “correct” in that unconditional love is an exercise of thinking humanity. It is not an exercise of light vibration.

For you see, the vibration of love, IS.

It is only the “idea” of unconditional love that is a half-step off–that is, the shadows of the thinking mind.  

And yet, those who are thinking and being have moments/glimpses of the vibration of unconditional love.  It is often with pets or landscapes for which they experience the pure joy of knowing, being the vibration of love where they are entranced and even isolated [surrounded] in [the vibration of love].

Many of you know these expanses of joy that just exist. The feeling is almost like being lifted into another dimensional plane in which all rubbish falls away, and there’s the incredible lightness of being love. There are no fetters or shackles tethering you to judgment, unfulfilled desire. It is simply the vibration which can be experienced as pure peace. Joy. And many are wanting these moments to never end, and yet there is life, and they do not understand how to bring this free-floating feeling to the mundane absurdity of existence.  

And yet we understand it is hard. And yet we understand it is easy.

And yet how do you eat? And yet how do you drink? And yet how do you exist? For many say these opportunities for peace are experienced in the vacation from life–where all is let go.

And yet we ask you–what can you let go of in your day to day life?  What have you collected that needs not collecting?  

How can there be the purity of peace, of joy and love in simply cooking dinner? And how can there be this expanded moment at the dinner table? And how can the experience of pure love occur at work? In your office cubicle?  For it seems like there is so much to do, so much stress is placed on the “I gotta do it” idea of completing some task or another.

And yet when we lift these expectations from each moment and simply “Be” in the moment, we can find the stripped down clarity of pure love.  

The weight of the world is often expectation. It can hammer you down and feel like the weight of the world. It can suck all of the energy out of a moment, locking in stress and strife. And we are not saying expecting is non-essential, for expectations are the fuel that fires many motivations, motivates many in their soul path.  What we are saying is judgement can be the underbelly, the lining of expectation.

Desire and expectation are often confused.  

We are beings of want. Ghandi wanted. Mother Theresa wanted. Wanting is part of life force, and, yet, so many judge what they want by the standards of others.  It is those who want with complete passion, undeniable knowing that “this” is their soul purpose that is undeniable in its power. It [want infused by passion] is often fueled by the vibration of love. And in the pursuit of passion, we often witness the moments of pure love, [being] a person suspended in the vibration of love.  

The hiker hiking, scaling the peak to reveal the vista is an indescribable vibration of love, and it is this passion, desire, wanting that propels every footstep. And while one may experience this unadulterated joy, another may scale the same peak and feel bad that it happened in X way, on X day that is raining and so X wasn’t alongside–whatever the expectation that was not met. And thus the feeling of love is not recognized in the moment.

And so it is in the work life.  How many expectations the mother places on herself to create a Disney-fied world?  And what happens if the mother allows herself to simply exist with her children? With the beauty of who they are? And how different the vibrations, for, you see, the suspension in love, as mother, is not about wealth. It is about recognizing the divinity of life in any moment.

And so, too, it is with your jobs.  When one is aligned with soul vibration and pursues the employment that brings joy, the being experiences the same loving vibration, experience as when the mount is scaled, the peak conquered, the sunset witnessed, the child born.  It is all right there.  And, yet, how many of you simply waft from this or that with no real understanding of the underlying soul vibration calling out–“this is my passion, this is my passion”? And how many succumb to the expectations of others? To the barriers that expectations of others erect in front of them? These expectations are simply illusions of barriers, for alignment with soul vibration is undeniable.  

You see this in your world, when the smallest being accomplished the greatest task with little to no help from others along the way, and, yet, the impossible is possible. And so, too, it is for all.

And yet we allow expectations to align us, hurt us, place us in slots that are not ours. And some of you shall compromise because it is what you perceive the world to be, a compromise. You choose to be in this or that relationship, and you perceive that the compromise is the way to go.  When it is often embedded in the compromise–the unspoken expectations–that are the dearth of joy.

And so you see, Dear Ones, these ideas of expectations and unconditional love are complex and yet simple.  

For you know when we say the vibration of love is easy to attain, we are exposing a truth.  And yet, we know you feel [perceive] the vibration of love can be hard and scarce for some.

Strip away expectations, and see what is beneath the vibration. What do you truly want for yourself?

Therein lies a seed, a kernel, a vibration, what some may call a “truth”, and from the vibration, each of you can follow, align with, your soul’s desire.

It is the work of unpacking that you many find challenging. For the truth of who you are is often hard to handle and know.  

And yet the truth of who you are IS the vibration of love. So be it–and know your light, your love. That is all.

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