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Are you ready to heal something in your life? Expand in some way? Shift?  

Quantum Sessions:  

In transformational co-creative sessions, we work with your highest vibration to facilitate your healing and expansion process. Each session is unique to the client—you!–and ranges from chakra clearing to removing entities, from aura clearing and repair to shifting thought process and perceptions, from clearing patterns to understanding the energy underlying a situation or relationship.  

After sessions, clients report:

  • I am clear
  • I feel better 
  • I feel better–so much lighter
  • I know what I want now
  • My — doesn’t hurt
  • The pain in my — is gone
  • I know how I want to move forward now
  • I love the way I feel right now
  • I’m so excited to see what happens now
  • I’ve shifted

Let’s co-create.  I’m here to help you understand what your soul is trying to share with you, so you can heal, love, experience joy, move, shift, grow, expand, live the life you want to live and align with your soul purpose and vibration.

Soul Communication $120: 

  • Guided by the question, what would you like to heal, communicate with your Highest Self, your Soul Self. Clients appreciate the detail that comes through in these messages.  
  • Receive a message from Source energy to support your healing journey.
  • Generally conducted through email via the request of a session, though phone sessions are possible.
    • Note:  These sessions can be conducted through email.

Light Body Blue Print: $333

  • Two-day process promoting self development on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.
  • An ancient process activating and aligning your divine blueprint
  • Sessions scheduled on two consecutive days.  Plan for the one hour each day. (Distance or In-person Sessions)

Akashic Records Readings:  Soul-level Coaching $120  — Phone Sessions

  • Receive coaching from your soul level. 
  • Experience the knowledge, wisdom, and love from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones 
  • Understand and support your soul’s purpose, growth and enlightenment
  • Understand relationships, patterns, challenges, and situations you face as well as connections to other lifetimes to transform your life. 
  • Shift your energy