Energetic Keys: The Art of Possibility

We are wanting you to be in flow in your lives, and when your energy centers are stopped, this affects the harmonic.Fractal vision background

Much time is spent on one chakra or another, and yet that is only part of the equation. Chakras being open and spiraling in balance and harmony within self are very important. For when one is balanced, harmonized and energized, the harmonic that is possible between multiple beings is exponential.

I encourage you to work on not only clearing your chakras but also balance and harmonize them. Then open them up.

Imagine that you are a car guy, working on an engine. You may have seen someone leaning over a car, and touching a lever that allows the engine to rev. When you are harmonized and balanced, you are able to open up to the flow of more pranic energy. And just like in any engine system, when the airflow is maximized, potential can be realized.

Indeed, some of you are now thinking about breadth. And that is true. When your chakras are cleared, balanced, and harmonized, they have the potential to be energized, and using your breath allows you to infuse your whole system with more energy.

Worry not about what type of breath you take. For it matters not which system or how. Find your most comfortable breath. Sync with it, and as you are breathing with ease, and comfort and joy, you are releasing and opening, and this is when you can access your energetic keys. For you have opened the space within your body, your vibration, so that you are able to access the harmonic of you.

This is just the beginning, for the more and more you place yourself in a state of balanced harmony that is energized, the more and more you sync with your energetic keys, and the more conscious awareness you will experience about your soul purposes, gifts, and desires–Where you want to grow and expand. The art of possibility will spring forth from you.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound.

Simone:  Christine, this is beautiful. I keep seeing dials.

Christine: Energetic keys–because you are accessing yours. Some may call this a blueprint, which is another way of saying energetic key. Worry not about the syntax as all rhetoric reaches someone. You have dialed into the messages. It is for you to share.

Simone:  THANKS!

Energetic Keys: Peace & Hope

This is a message of hope for the coming year. Many are facing crises after crises, and whether it has been a few months or a few years, many souls are ready for an easing of the pressure. It is coming.

As the energy becomes more and more stabilized, people are being allowed a bit of breath to get used to the new frequencies. We are shifting into a time of hope and compassion for many.

There are those who learn from conflict and pain, and this is their path; however, the choice of peace and hope is yours to have, especially if you are reading this message.

I am embedding key codes for viewers of this message to unlock for themselves.Energetic Keys

As you read, you may be noticing a feeling of peacefulness coming over you. If you choose to experience this vibration, it is there for you to harvest any time you choose.

As you breathe, you may be noticing the pace and depth of your breath changing, and I encourage you to go with it, to sink into the relaxation of peace and calming. For when you approach the remainder of your day, you will bring this vibration of peace and hope to all that you attend.

Unite in peace with others who are reading this message of hope and who also un-tap the embedded keys. For as you breathe, so you breathe with them in peace and harmony. You are affecting the vibrational frequency of the Earth, bringing peace and hope to others who are ready to receive.

The beauty of this gift is that you both receive and give with each breath, for it is in perfect harmony. Use the vibration of your breath at any time. While you are driving. While you are sitting and relaxing. While you are living. Simply bring your consciousness to the vibrational key, and you will activate it within you and sync with the frequencies of hope and peace and love.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Receive and Give Love: Breathe In and Out

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

Where are your thoughts?  Where your thoughts are as you wake up indicate in what you invest your energy, where you place your love.  If you are thinking about what you want in your day, fantastic.  If you are thinking about other people, work, what needs to be done, etc, consider how focusing on yourself for a few moments each morning can shift your whole day.

When you wake up, ask yourself “What is MY intention for this day?”  Consider how you want to feel for the day or what you would like to achieve.  Your intention may be as simple as:

  • I intend to be happy with myself all day no matter what happens.
  • I intend to be calm today.
  • I intend to be peaceful.
  • I intend to flow with each moment of the day.
  • I intend to recognize that I am doing the best I can in each moment.

What would bring you the most joy?  Intend it.

Or, if you want to accomplish something, intend that.

  • I intend to feel joy in my accomplishment as I work on X project today.
  • I intend to have fun with everything I do today.
  • I intend to mow the grass and finish half of my to-do list and then do something fun.
  • I intend to exercise today.
  • I intend to be conscious about what I am focusing on today.  I intend to focus on the positive.

Intending what you want for yourself equates to loving yourself enough to prioritize your desires. When you place your feet on the floor, state your intention out loud.  Own it.  In doing so, you set the vibrational tone of your day, you send the message “what I want matters today.  I am a priority.”

As you go through your day, pay attention to how you respond to others.  Do you receive? Deflect?  Reject?  By understanding how you respond to others, you gain insight to your ability to receive. When someone says “thank you” to you, how do you respond?  “You’re welcome.”  “No, thank you.”  “I didn’t do anything, really.  It was <the team, all your work, insert some other reply.>”  “No need to thank me.”  Your answers indicate your receptivity.

You signal I accept/allow/receive when you respond with “You’re welcome” or by returning a smile.  Deflecting or rejecting what others give you with comments like “No.  It’s you who deserves thanks” or “It was nothing” or “I didn’t do anything” deflects the gratitude given and signals you are unable to receive.

If someone offers to help you, from holding a door open to helping with some task or making your day easier in some way, do you accept the gesture?  Do you respond with a “thank you?”  Do you decline with responses like “I’ve got it” or “No need” or “It’s nothing”?  Your response reveals your love story.

Really pay attention to how you respond.  Focus on accepting “thank yous.” A simple “you’re welcome” is all that is needed to shift your energy to receiving.  Notice how the person who offered gratitude responds to your acceptance.  Notice who around you accepts gratitude all of the time, some of the time, or none of the time and how others engage with these responses.

Accepting the gratitude, kindness or help of others is an indicator that you are receiving not only gratitude and love but abundance from the universe.  Consciously intend to accept kindness, gratitude and love from others—consciously receive. Notice if you accept easily and effortforlessly or if you have to work at it.  Notice how receiving feels to you.

Think about how easily and joyfully people who are in love give and receive love.  They delight in both giving and receiving. Accepting gratitude, kindness, and love is essential to falling in love with you. Giving and receiving is like breathing in and out.  Breathing is the balanced flow of intake and output.  Receiving kindness, gratitude, or any kind of love, is just as vital as giving it. Receiving is one way to experience loving yourself.

I’d love to hear how you allow yourself to receive love this week and what you noticed along the way.