Continue Your Journey of Love

Continue Your Journey of LoveWhat you are experiencing is a dialing up, dialing in, as your energy shifts and changes in the flow of love. Your perception about life, yourself, your place in the world, your motivation and your desires, are all shifting. Think of it– it [your life in the flow of love] cannot help but to change, so as you are in the flow of love, as you practice the act of love, you are bound to see anew.

Horizons have shifted. You cannot help but feel the new perception like shifting sand, like the shifting tides.  For change is among you.

Exhale, breathe in, relax. Exhale, breathe in, relax.

Notice what you love around you. Feel the gratitude for all that you are, all that you have done, all that is. You have created new points of view from the cellular level through love and gratitude.  You are focused on the vibration of love. You are shaking up the world with your new view, with your view of love, your vibration of truth. You are indeed a mover and shaker.

And your commitment to self is commendable. For as you grow in truth and love and in the truth of your love, as you see yourself as a loving being, so too do others see themselves. Simply shine your light of love first and foremost for yourself, and as it shines, you light the world–the truth of your flame in all its glory.  Hold it as the wondrous light that it is.

Notice the ease with which you have come to be, to feel your light. It may feel so easy that you wonder if you are indeed being your light, your vibration of love.  Wonder not. Being your vibration of love is easy.

We love this work with you. For as you align ever more deeply with the light of your love, you step into your soul purpose. Your truth.  Fulfill your soul‘s desire. We celebrate your success with you. Congratulations, dear one.

Continue your journey of love.