I was working with a client this week, and at the end of the session, she told me that another client had shared a meditation that I’d taught her.

I call it a Clev . . . christ light energy vortex–think christ as in christos–pronounced sleeve . . . and it’s a beautiful energy that transmutes lower vibrational energy, grounds one to mother-father God and mother-father Earth, and energizes through connection to divine energy.

Melchizedek gave this to me to share with anyone who would like support.

You can create your own Clev.  Here’s how:

Imagine a column of divine white light coming from mother-father God (Divinity, source energy, universal light force energy, use the term that’s comfortable to you) and extending down into mother-father Earth.

When I see this column, it’s thick–it reminds me of a concrete culvert in that the walls of the column are pretty thick.  The walls sparkle and vibrate, look like tv fuzz to me, sparkly white fuzz.

Once the column is in place, imagine it turning counterclockwise.

While keeping the first column turning counterclockwise, draw down another thick column of divine light on the outside of this one.  When it is connected to mother-father Earth, turn it clockwise.

As this column spins clockwise, an alchemy occurs–the columns somehow become one.

This Clev transmutes energy that vibrates lower than love, so it can help you stay in your own energy.  It grounds you to the Earth and Divinity, and it can be used to energize.  Intend that the Clev remain activated for your perfect and highest good.

I teach this gift to many, and I encourage you to try it to see if you enjoy it.

So, my client shares with me that my other client taught her to Clev.  The first time she did, she received a beautiful affirmation.  Her son and her husband went somewhere, and when they returned home, her son told her, Mom, I missed you while I was gone, and I saw this beautiful white light all around you.

She told me, My son never misses me–has never said he missed me.  And that he saw me in the white light, I knew that the Clev was in place and working.  THANKS! It’s helped me so much!

I love her story, and it motivated me to share the Clev on the blog. I hope you will try Cleving.

I’d love to hear about your experience!