Energetic Keys: Peace & Hope

This is a message of hope for the coming year. Many are facing crises after crises, and whether it has been a few months or a few years, many souls are ready for an easing of the pressure. It is coming.

As the energy becomes more and more stabilized, people are being allowed a bit of breath to get used to the new frequencies. We are shifting into a time of hope and compassion for many.

There are those who learn from conflict and pain, and this is their path; however, the choice of peace and hope is yours to have, especially if you are reading this message.

I am embedding key codes for viewers of this message to unlock for themselves.Energetic Keys

As you read, you may be noticing a feeling of peacefulness coming over you. If you choose to experience this vibration, it is there for you to harvest any time you choose.

As you breathe, you may be noticing the pace and depth of your breath changing, and I encourage you to go with it, to sink into the relaxation of peace and calming. For when you approach the remainder of your day, you will bring this vibration of peace and hope to all that you attend.

Unite in peace with others who are reading this message of hope and who also un-tap the embedded keys. For as you breathe, so you breathe with them in peace and harmony. You are affecting the vibrational frequency of the Earth, bringing peace and hope to others who are ready to receive.

The beauty of this gift is that you both receive and give with each breath, for it is in perfect harmony. Use the vibration of your breath at any time. While you are driving. While you are sitting and relaxing. While you are living. Simply bring your consciousness to the vibrational key, and you will activate it within you and sync with the frequencies of hope and peace and love.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

The Courage to Love: Tune In, Turn On

Love VibrationWhat we will work on today is garnering strength and fortitude for loving ourselves.

It takes courage to know yourself and to love yourself unconditionally, for your mind records all words, all thoughts, all knowings that you have about yourself.  And some of you think, knowing this, how could I love myself? For you focus on fallacies.  These are not the essence of you, and it takes courage to know what you know and, yet, to love.

Indeed, some of you may see it as a leap of faith, a leap from what you believe is important to what is important: the essence of who you are.

And I say–this knowing is indeed a similar process to that which you experience with others. For others may say or do this or that in ways for which you need courage to Love them.  Forgive them.

And, yet, that courage of love is exactly what we point you to today.

For underneath the foibles is the vibration of love. And how, you may ask, do you reach that vibration of love?

And we say attune to it.  It is somewhat like tuning a radio. Look within and dial into the part of you in which the vibration of love is most accessible. Sync with it, and the feeling will open up.  For you see, the vibration of love is throughout you, within you, throughout you.  It is simply a matter of finding your way in.   And once you find your way in, it is like you can dial in further and further.

Until you find the vibration throughout and relish it in this moment, this knowing, this realization that underneath is the true vibration of who you are, the leap may seem a stretch.

And so, too, it is with others.  Once you can sync with the vibration of love within yourself, notice how you become more loving to others. That is to say, you can start on the most fundamental level of thought vibration, so that when you are connected to your vibration of love, you can perceive that there is love in others. You can call it to you learning experiences. You connect with and sync with the vibration of love that is in all of the waves around you.

And then, suddenly, notice that you love something about your home or nature, your car that you had never noticed that you loved before.  And you see, it is on your journeys, on your drives, things you may have passed hundreds of thousands of times, and yet when you have activated the vibration of love within you, you see things anew, feel things anew, experience things anew.  You know your world is a vibration of love.   And for some of you, this may take practice, and for others of you, it may come easily.

Daniel Holeman www.awakenvisions.comAnd, yet, know that to which degree you sync to the love within yourself, you open yourself up to varying levels of a new world view. To new perceptions and understandings.

Loving vibrations are all around. It is simply an issue of whether you’ve dialed in to that vibration. We encourage you to tune in, turn on, and have the courage to love yourself.

Join the Revolution of Love: Stand With Yourself in Love

The Resonance Project Resonance.isWhether you are weathering storms or floating through your life with joy and ease, know that you are exploring the world and yourself. Feel fully into each phase of being, whether joy or sadness. Whether work or play. Whether pain or fun. In each experience, you are opening up the fullness of who you are.

Relish each experience as with each, you are able to feel your vibrational alignment expand.  When you are in peace and love and joy and pleasure and fun, the alignment feels so graceful. It occurs with ease.  Flow simply carries you along, and you delight in the experiences.

What would happen if you would choose to open to the fullness of all experiences without judgment? To experience pain or sadness with the fullness of heart that you allow for joy and peace. How might the experiences you judge as not so great change if you simply flowed into them without judgments?  Might you be able to experience the shift or change, the new perception with a lighter sense of ease?

Does the pain of loss allow you to witness other’s loss with a more full heart? Notice how each experience shifts you to love. How do you return to love from each experience? For every experience in the range of experiences, the 360 degree circle of experiences, allows you to return to love–to be in love with yourself and others.  And sometimes the journey takes a while. And so it is. And when you return to the place when you have love in your heart once again, notice, feel into it, see how your heart space has actually expanded and allowed you to feel more joy, peace, love, balance.  Each experience holds the opportunity for opening your heart center and more vibrations of love. It (the vibration of love, the experience of love) becomes more all-encompassing as you allow love to permeate all experiences.

So what is hurt, but the desire for love?

For what is pain, but the desire for love?

For what is anger or frustration but the desire for love?

Underneath each emotion is the passion, the calling out, the reaching for love. In each moment, you can love yourself. The need for anger or pain or frustration, the feeling of loss simply tumbles from, reveals love. The more love of self registers, the more love of others registers with you. It seems a simple equation, and yet we know in our lives it can be far from simple to process.

How am I loving myself in this moment?

Are you, indeed, loving yourself? Or are you, indeed, expecting the love of others to fill you before you fill yourself with the love of self? For what love have you invested in yourself?  Have you allowed yourself the time, the energy, the resources to do that which you love to do, that which you do simply for yourself? How many moments of your day were invested in you?

Reach for the bucket and fill yourself up first. Start in the morning by awakening to the idea that I LOVE YOU.

I love myself. I am love. I am filled with love.

Can you see the love in yourself? Can you imagine it on a quantum level vibrating within you? Simply bringing your consciousness of your being to the love that resides within you and labeling it love for self–knowing it as love of self—shifts and changes so many dynamics.

And, yes, it may take a while to experience the shift of vibration of loving yourself in your own cells to loving yourself in your physical life. And yet speaking with self-love shifts so much and involves no one but you. No one but you and your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Your being. Simply acknowledge yourself for being alive.

Thank you, I love you. I am love. I feel love. I know love. I vibrate love. I love myself.

I am love.

Make these thoughts and then watch as the energy flows in your day. You may notice that you choose the 15 minutes of spare time you have to invest in yourself–to read or to play, to enjoy, to watch, to feel, to know yourself in some way. And filling yourself with love 10 or 15 minutes instead of choosing to give that time to others may appear as selfishness, and yet, dear one, in the long run, that investment in self will pay off ten-fold for the love you have for others.  For as you invest in the love of yourself, you’re less quick to angst, to anger, or to be frustrated with others. For when you can give to yourself, you need not others to fill your chalice or express disappointment. For as you build yourself up with love, you need not a crutch of what others do to lift you up.

And so we ask you to start here today: Imagining love in every one of your cells. Knowing the truth–that every cell in your body loves you. Is love. Loves seeing you. Loves being you. And as you acknowledge the love that exists in every cell, as you become conscious of this love that resides in you, you shift the world–not only for yourself but for all to experience love.

Join the revolution of love. Stand with yourself in love and be your number one.

Be your “I am Love.”

5th Chakra Opening

When asked what happens in sessions with me, I am never quite sure what to say.  I know that sessions are magical, that I integrate many healing modalities, and that none look the same as what each person works on is different.  Below is an example of the kind of energetic and chakra work I do with clients.

I have been thinking about what I wanted to blog about in this new year, and I was feeling it would be examples of meditation or snippets from the work I do, and this morning I woke up to find this guest blog in my inbox, confirming and jump starting my intention.  I look forward to sharing more magical adventures this year!

Many thanks to Tammy Rosen Wilbur of Tucson Feldenkrais for gifting me with this amazing guest blog. Tammy has a saying I love–High water floats all boats. Love lifts everyone up. In celebration of this loving gift, I encourage everyone who reads this to say thank you or show gratitude to someone who has helped in some way–let’s lift each other up in love and gratitude.    Happy New Year!


I have long had a constriction in the back of my throat.  I’m a tongue-sucker.  At night my husband reports hearing clucking noises from me as I use a self-soothing method I probably chose as a baby.  The result is a tightness at the base of my skull, in my jaw and under my chin.

The metaphor behind this was first pointed out to me by the brilliant Taos, NM Feldenkrais® Practitioner Prisca Winslow Bradley.  She gave me a Functional Integration® lesson related to my tongue.  Afterward, I was telling her about a situation in which someone had displeased me, but I hadn’t talked to them about it.  She quirked an eyebrow at me.  “Well, don’t hold your tongue, Tammy!” she exclaimed meaningfully.  I had never connected the physical tongue clenching I had with the personality trait I had of keeping my mouth firmly shut in the face of conflict.

Even armed with this knowledge, releasing both the physical and the personality issue has not been easy.  I recently asked for an energetic healing session with Reiki Master Simone Gers to release my tongue.  She incorporates all kinds of healing modalities into her sessions – past life regression, Deeksha Oneness Blessings, intuitive counseling– whatever comes up for her as we journey together.

She “saw” many energetic cords wrapped around my neck from past lives, keeping me from speaking my truth.  Rather than tell me what they were from, she asked me.  While intuitive, my abilities don’t compare to Simone’s.  Still, it didn’t matter.  Answers appeared in the moment and it seemed more important that I see/speak them, than have them reported by her.

“What is this cord?” she asked.

“A handkerchief tied around my mouth,” I said.

“Who put it there?”

“My lover.”

I imagined it dissolving– clearing myself of this constriction.

“Who else put it there?”

I paused, stumped.  Then it was clear– if I’d just been able to dissolve it now, I should have been able to dissolve it then, too.  I’d had a choice and I’d accepted that gag.  “I did.”

“That’s right. It’s important to realize that,” she murmured.

We continued our work as she described that some of what I was feeling was tangled cords from multiple energetic bodies of past lives.  “Do you want to release the old bodies or keep them?”

I asked to release them but keep the lessons.  I felt a tightening in my throat and she said to relax, it was a knot that was being worked out.  It passed and a pain I had in my hip and opposite shoulder cleared as well.

We were doing the reiki lesson in my home Feldenkrais studio, and were interrupted at that moment by my four year old son.

“Mama, come here!” he said.

“I can’t right now, I’m working with Simone.”

“Katie needs to hear your voice,” he said, growing very agitated, starting to throw a full on fit.

It was a new feeling as I held fast to my own truth.  “No, I’m working with Simone right now.  I will help you when I’m finished.”

He crawled up on the table and threw himself over my body, holding the two sides of my face.  “You’re making a terrible mistake!” he said.

I had to laugh at the four year drama.  My daughter emerged from the room she’d locked herself into and I coached my son in talking to my daughter about his issue, while Simone sat down and waited patiently for my interruption to be over.  The children disappeared again and we resumed.

“Do you understand what just happened there?” she asked.

I knew that I’d not felt the sense of anxiety I usually felt when my son threw a fit.  His temper tantrum had struck me as innocent and child-like, whereas normally it would push my buttons.  The two of us often go toe to toe and it seemed like he won more often than I did.  This time I clearly felt like the “mom” in the situation and it was easy to hold my ground.

“You’d given him your voice and you just took it back.  That was why he was saying ‘You’ve made a terrible mistake, you’ve made a terrible mistake.’” she said.  “Then you helped him find his own voice.”

I could only laugh at the miracle that had just unfolded.  She further explained that I had given him my voice in many past lives, and we’d agreed that I would be his mother in this lifetime to teach him to use his own voice.

I felt tired afterward but the constriction in my throat was gone, as well as my hip and shoulder.  My tongue still felt as though it needed a Feldenkrais lesson or two to teach it how to relax and lie in the bottom jaw rather than be sucked up to the roof of my mouth but it felt like the driving force that was keeping it locked was gone.

Without the anxiety and tension that used to arise in the face of my son’s distresses, I am now able to see the bigger picture and coach him, as a parent should.

Could I have arrived at this same result through Feldenkrais lessons?  I believe absolutely that I could have — working with the physical aspect will indubitably bring about the metaphoric change as well.  But sometimes going to the heart of the energetic matter is a more direct and miraculous route.  I am grateful to experience this work with Simone as we journey together on a path of healing.

Tammy Rosen Wilbur is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner with a practice in Tucson, AZ.  As a professional modern dancer, teacher, choreographer and former dance studio owner, she is intimately aware of the importance of good biomechanics for optimal performance. As a practitioner, she follows her kinesthetic sense to help her clients improve their abilities to move with comfort, ease and even grace. It is now her passion to help others improve in their chosen field or recover from injury or other limitations.  You can find out more about her practice at www.tucsonfeldenkrais.com

Feldenkrais® and Functional Integration® are registered service marks; Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM  are certification marks of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.