Watch Your Soul Fire

Soul on FireI was sharing a lovely visit with my friend Susan on the Chinese New Year, and Christine shared this beautiful message.  Enjoy.

You will be wanting to know more about what is in store for this new year, this new beginning, as some on your earth plane are celebrating this new year today.  And so it is we are brining to you a message of love and light and hope and praise and thanksgiving.  For all is in gratitude of everything you are and everything you hope to be, and everything you are creating in divine love.

For your friend (Susan) mentions passion and desire and will, and so it is that these emotions, these feelings, these perceptions are divine drivers of experience.  And we honor the passage of those experiences driven, fuelled by love.  As these are keen bedfellows, these emotional truths, for each of you.

And we are wanting you to know worry not over the details.  You do not have to micromanage the here tos, the wherefores, the how tos.  Immerse yourself in the feelings.  The passions of will and grace and love.

And bask, ye in the glory of these and see what ye shall create. For not bogged down in the worry of details, ye shall create the sun.  Imagine the most glorious sunsets.  Yeah, these are the qualities of beauty and light ye shall create when ye live in the house of your love.

And so it is we want you to reside within.

That is right.  We are directing you into your bodies to sit in the silence of your vibration and know the truth of that which brings you joy.  And, yes, we know you have heard it.  And, yes, we know that some of you wonder what does this mean?  How does it happen?  What really is supposed to happen?  It makes no sense.

And so we ask you now to stop in the stillness of you and imagine that your eyes look within.  We ask you to literally turn your vision, your gaze within yourself and to see that on which it falls.

Is there an area of your body that comes into your knowing?  Is there a vibration, a sound, a sensation?

Begin there.

Breathe with it.  Get to know it.  Experience it in whatever ways you can.  Allow yourself to let go.  To be.  To have no judgments.  To simply experience the presences.

And what is it?  What is this presence that calls your attention to it?  What needs attendance?  What needs attending?

Perhaps it is just to sit in the silence of vibration and breathe love with this part of yourself.

Perhaps there is a message or an alarm.  Let go of this.  Take care of that.  Release.  Forgive.  Love.

And so it is you have shown up.  And after you have attended all of the places that need noticing, what is the vibration within?  What love rises up through your heart chakra?

Are you peaceful?  At peace?  Do you have a certain clarity?  A knowing?  And when you choose to arise and open your eyes, how is it that you engage anew, afresh?

What is no longer there?  Notice the space that has opened up.

Do you suddenly have a desire to do something particular?  An interest? How does the space feel?  The space within?  Do you want to suddenly fill it with something else, or can you simply be with it and know?

This is what we mean when we suggest that you look within.  And notice the peace and tranquility that fills your vessel and thus frees your soul to align without the weight of the world. You have the energetic space to explore, to wonder, to create, to be, to know the truth of who you are.

This is all I have to say to you today.  Open your soul to peace and love and ignite the will, the passion, and the grace that flames and fuels your future.  Your New Year.

Know that you can create all your heart desires.  Bury not yourself in earthly thoughts of I can’t. It’s not possible.  How on Earth could I possibly . . ..  Forget all of this rubbish and begin within.

Ignite your unbridled passion and desire and watch your soul fire.


Communicate With Your Crystalline Structures

My Unity Crystal had been calling me for days to chat, and it had just been a crazy week.  Finally, last Friday, I was able to talk to it.  It had a message for everyone.

I would like to work with the Unity Crystal. I feel waves of energy flooding through me. The vibration at first was infinitely spacious, and then it got very light, like air.

Yes, we have been waiting to work with you, calling you to this work. Thank you. Where would you like to begin? We are wanting to share with you the secrets of the stone. Okay.

When you work with us, there is a vibration that most others cannot detect. It is a multidimensional energy somewhat like the benevolent energy that surrounds you and that you work with through non hertzian waves. The difference between the non hertzian waves and the energy contained within is that it radiates with and without of the crystal being. If you follow your consciousness into the wave, you can go in infinitely. There is not end to the worlds within the energetic presences of the crystal. It is infinite. You can look around forever, and you will not find boundaried space or time. This is counterintuitive for you as you see boundaries to the crystalline formation you love to hold.

Now, shift your vision from within, and use your consciousness to follow us in what you would refer to as outside. How does this feel to you? Well, it is an awareness. There is a vibrational wave, but more prevalent is the feeling of awareness that is everywhere. It is like I can take the vibration anywhere. It is anywhere and everywhere. Okay, now take it to other dimensions. It is so easy. Each place I look, I can see a new dimensional plane. It is like I am looking into snow globes. I am looking in from outside of the energetic fields.

Would you like to engage with the energy you are experiencing? Yes. I would. Now it feels like I am walking through crystalline structures, like a crystalline forest. It is like I am looking up at the structures as if they are great Sequoia trees, and I am walking amidst them. Yes. What’s changed? Well, when I was looking into the field, I could see all kinds of things, including a unicorn, and settings that were magical, and structures and nature. But inside, in one with, and there is crystalline light structures.

What you are experiencing is the experience at different levels of vibration. Each of these dimensional planes can change structure. Think about a light beam shining through a crystal prism. The angle of the beam will cause different reflections as the light source shifts and moves. So true is it with what you are experiencing. The energy, or light, is a living energetic presence, and it is constantly engaging with other energetic presences, so it will take on different appearances, depending upon the light within and the light of the observer. Even as you experiment now with moving in and drawing out, you are seeing different realities come to life. This is true.

How does this make you feel? It makes me understand that image is a reflection of vibration. So when people see energy, I have privileged their “seeing” over my experience with the energy when I am feeling or knowing or hearing or sensing. After all, I am not seeing. However, through this exercise, what I am experiencing is that what others see is a reflection of many factors, including what they bring to the dimensional light. And what I experience through any of my senses, may be different because I bring different energy to the experience. There is no right or wrong. There is only experience of the vibration. The information, the information that vibrates, is a realization of all that is brought to the energetic encounter. That is true.

What else would you like to talk about Unity Crystal? I am wanting you to know that. Just a minute, I am confused. A minute ago you said we, and now you are saying I. Yes, I am talking to you as unified consciousness now. This is different than when all of the energies of this crystalline structure speak to you together. Think of this as talking to a bunch of people or talking to the unification of all of those energies. Okay. We will use we. We can accomplish the same transmission no matter the word. Okay. I just wanted to make sure of what was going on.

We want you to know we are helping you to anchor in the new spectrum of light you are working with. You are noticing the dimensionality of colors you are experiencing. The layers of light that are working together. Yes. The layers of light will have for you distinct meanings through their vibrational alignments and experience. Okay. Know into them. Feel into them. You will understand the nuances. I just saw a peacock changing colors. This is just the way. The emotion, the feeling can shift the shades and tones within the vibrational colors signaling a shift of energy. Okay.

I thank you for this message, and I appreciate that you have been calling out to me for days and days and days.

EncUnity Crystalourage others to communicate with their crystalline structures. Within and without. By this we mean within their bodies and with and without their crystal family members and friends. I am seeing both crystals and stones and beings.

Love the Process of Ascension

Each of us is on a journey, and the journey never ends.  We can choose to love the journey, be indifferent, resist, enjoy, or worry about it.  We control the journey and how we feel about it.  Why not love the ride?  Enjoy the views, the vistas, the slow and the fast, the hills and the bumps, the twists and the turns, the stop lights and the green lights, the other drivers.

Notice how you experience your day.  When all is going well, do you just expect it?  Are you thankful for the flow?  Notice how you respond when you hit what appears to be a snag.  How do you feel?

What happens to you when you are driving down the road and there is road construction?  Do you think, “oh, no, I’m going to be late.” And then proceed to focus on how late you’re going to be, feeling bad each second?  Or do you know that you will arrive in divine timing?

I used to worry about being late and keeping someone waiting for me.  I live pretty far out in the country, and there is so much terrain I cover—anything can happen on the journey.  When I get in the car, I ask that I arrive in perfect timing.  I thank my car for getting me there safely, and I am thankful for everything I experience on my way.  Most of the time, my journey speeds by because I am enjoying it so much.  Sometimes, though, the train is crossing or road construction slows the flow.  Great, I think.  Thank you for slowing me down or giving me this time to breathe or enjoy the view. I know I will arrive in divine timing, so I can relax and enjoy whatever it is.  I often use this gift of time to breathe an enjoy the view.  I like to look around the area and notice what is going on in nature and look up at the the sky.  Noticing what’s beautiful or interesting brings joy to my day.  When I arrive, it’s always perfect timing.  I arrive happy, and so whoever I’m meeting is happy to see me.

Talking about the driving journey is just a metaphor for the journey of life.  Where are you in your life journey?  How do you feel about your journey?  It’s important to note how you feel.  What you feel about the journey reveals what’s inside of you.

If you are happy when you think of your life journey, fantastic!  Are you sharing your joy with others?  Perhaps your life could inspire others to find the joy in their own lives.  Perhaps you can share the joy with each other. I love it when others share something wonderful about their lives with me.  I feel their joy—its abundance evokes joy in me. Anytime we share our joy with others, the feeling is exponentialized in the universe.

What do you want to feel?  If it’s exactly what you want to feel right now, that’s awesome.  Share that abundance with someone else.  If it’s not, can you focus on what you’d like to feel?  Each day, simply focusing on the feeling you would like to create in your life can change the journey for you.  Once you have the feeling, sync with the vibration of it.  If you would like more fun in your life, just feel what fun feels like.  Maybe you can remember a time you were having fun, and then you can connect with what fun felt like in your body. Sync with that feeling as often as you can.  All you have to do is imagine fun and feel it.  Consider when you sit up in bed first thing in the morning, sync with it and ask that the feeling and vibration be with you all day.  What will begin to happen is that as you sync to the vibration of fun, you will attract fun.  When fun shows up, thank it.  Appreciate it.  Fun will come into your life, and as it does, you will be living the fun you wanted to create.

Recently, a client shared that he wasn’t enjoying his job.  When I asked him what he wasn’t enjoying, he mentioned a few things, but mostly what he focused on was the feeling inside of himself.  I asked him if he felt like there was some other job that he would like better.  He didn’t know.  I asked him if he thought with his educational background and experience if he could find something that would make him feel better.  He didn’t know.  I asked him if he wanted to fall in love with his job again.  He said he didn’t know how.  I encouraged him to find the things he loved in his job.  Really notice them.  Thank them.  Feel appreciation for each thing.  Even if he had to start small with I love the temperature of my office.  I love that my paycheck is deposited like clockwork.  I love how short my drive to work is.  I love that I live in a place that has a climate that makes me feel good.  Whatever it was.  I suggested that if for just a week he focused on the things that he liked, he might feel better about his job.  A week later, he felt completely differently.  He was happy again.  He noticed that as he focused on the little things, more that he appreciated became visible.

I believe what happened for him was that as he focused on what he liked, the vibration of happiness became stronger in him.  As the vibration of happiness strengthened, he attracted and was attracted to more of his job that brought him joy.  As he focused on what he liked, more of what he liked came to him.  As more of what he liked was in his experience, less of what he didn’t like was in his experience.

What my client also realized was that he chose his points of focus.  He created his happiness.  As he realized this, he also realized that he had created the other experiences too.  He had created the unhappiness, his dissatisfaction.  It’s true.  He did.  We all do.  In focusing on what he wanted . . . which was to like his job . . . all he had to do was sync with the vibration of liking.

I am working with another client who wants to create a new job for herself.  She was miserable in her job.  So, we started working on what her new job would feel like, what parts of herself would shine and be appreciated in her new job.  She is really clear.  What’s happened has been pretty magical.  As she focused on what she wanted to feel like in her new job, she started to feel this vibration in her current job.  She still wants a new job and is actively creating it, yet what’s great is that while she knows her current job isn’t the best fit, she’s at least enjoying her time there. What’s also great is that as she looks for the new job, she’s vibrating what she wants and bringing these new vibrations of happiness and clarity to her job search, which will help her sync with the company and position that will be her match. Now she’s having fun in the process and feeling empowered.

Many say, everything happens for a reason, and they believe it. Even if they don’t know what the reason is, they have faith that they are better for it.  I believe the reason is inside of you.  The reason you find inside of yourself.  That reason vibrates in you.

You know what’s inside of you.  If you read this and you think, I don’t always know what I’m feeling inside.  I understand.  We often go through periods of change or transition when we don’t exactly know.  But we can.  Close your eyes and ask your body, what do you feel right now? Perhaps it’s confusion.  That’s a start.  If that’s not what you want to feel, then ask yourself what you do want, and refocus on the feeling and vibration of it.

The thing is, no matter what you create right now, you’ll want to create something else along the way.  That’s what life is all about.  The journey. The process.

Sometimes, the speed bump, the road construction, the accident in the road allows the truth of your feelings to be revealed.  Sometimes, a new perception uncovered.  Understanding the vibration of whatever you feel as you experience your journey is your truth.  Right in that moment. You are the creative mastermind of you.

Even when we feel happy, we can want to feel something new too.  Variety and creating is exciting to many.

Whatever your motivation, watch how as you sync with the vibration of what you want, the feeling manifests in your thoughts and experiences as it becomes your reality. It might not look like what you envisioned, but it will feel like what is inside of you.  Understand the magic of creating what you want to feel.  Why not love the ride–whatever it is?  Love the process, the journey, of you.  Love the feeling of you.

Cocreating: Exponential Energy

I have been busy and having so much fun cocreating and want to share a few experiences that have inspired me this week.

John and I hosted a workshop “Dream A Dream” last weekend, and the group was amazing.  What I watched unfold was the miracle of cocreating with others who are courageous and loving.  At the beginning of the workshop, we all briefly stated what we wanted to manifest this year.  One participant stated, “I want to create space in my life.”  After we grounded and talked about our beliefs about our goals, this participant courageously declared that she wanted to change her goal to what she really wanted, which was to be in a loving relationship with a man.  I felt the love in the other participants’ hearts flow to her as she expressed her true heart’s desire.  Then, a shift in the whole workshop occurred.  Other were empowered to clarify and more specifically declare their own goals.  As the participants worked through their restatements, I could feel their individual, the group, and the room’s vibration shift.  Then in 30 minutes, each person created an amazing vision board.  When each person shared their vision through their descriptions and their vision boards at the end of the workshop, there was so much love and respect flowing–for self, for others, and for the group.  As Gregg Braden notes: “Through the power of consciously focusing on the things that we create in our imagination, we give them the ‘nudge’ that brings them trough the barrier from the unreal to real.”  What do you want to bring to reality this year?

I am working with a client who wants to increase her business at her clinic.  We cocreated with the energy of the clinic.  After phase one of the work, the client emailed me to let me know that the energy in her space had complete changed—odd smells were gone, the light had changed, and best of all, her phone was ringing with clients calling to book sessions.  I am especially in awe of and in a complete state of gratitude for this experience as this client lives in Europe, we have never met—have had very little communication–and I have no clue what her physical space looks like or where it is.

I have a client who is an author who wanted her specific books to be in Amazon’s top 100 in her genre.  After we cocreated with the energy of her books, they were all in the top 100 in days.  Imagine Snoopy dancing.  That’s me.  (And probably her!) I so love it when others achieve their dreams.

I am finding that anytime I join in love with someone else to send love to someone or something, the energy is exponentialized.

Here’s an example.

I was talking to my son on the phone.  He was having a tough day.  Our phone call abruptly closed when he said, “Mom, I’ll call you back.”  The minute we hung up, I texted three friends I can count on to join with me in love.  My text was simple.  Please join with me in sending T love to the extent it is for his perfect and highest good.  Within seconds, I got responses.  “I’m on it.”  “Done!”  Within fifteen minutes, my son called back to report that he was fine, that everything had worked out beautifully, magically, better than he could have ever expected.

Notice something.  I did not ruminate over what was wrong or what needed fixing.  I focused on what I wanted—my son to feel the love and support of the universe. I called in support—cocreators in love.  We just sent our love to him for his highest good.  Whatever that was.  We were willing to allow the universe to handle the situation.  And it did.  Better than we ever could have even imagined.

I so appreciate the people in my life who I can ask, can you join with me in love?  We are so inspired by the beauty, joy and power of what happens when we send love together.  I so appreciate working with clients who are ready to cocreate with love, to consciously energize their lives, their creations with love.

In Peace and Love, Simone