Thanksgiving Afterglow

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving–that you enjoyed yourself, wherever you were and whatever you chose to do.
     I had a lovely week with family who drove in from Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico.  With a home full of fabulous Cajun cooks, we enjoyed preparing and sharing food, lots of story telling and laughing, and creating new memories.  I received many emails, texts and phone calls from my friends and family scattered across the states.  Several times on Thanksgiving morning, I heard a text come in and read the text to my family, often with tears in my eyes as the love of my friends filled me up.
     Just before Thanksgiving, my friend Robin emailed me a note about a recent trip she took, and her story filled my heart in so many ways.  I so appreciate that Robin took the time to write down parts of her trip for me.  She knows I love to travel and how much I enjoy hearing about her adventures, and in this particular story, she shared with me that I was with her in spirit.  When I read her anecdote, I felt so loved, such appreciation–not only for my friend Robin and for the time she took to share something so special, but also for her trip, the road, the view, the people walking, for all of my friends who share their lives with me and who share my life with me–so much appreciation and love filled me.
     After reading her note, I sat there looking at the screen and reflecting on my journey. I am so thankful for my journey as through everything, I have become who I am right now.  As I reflected on my journey, I acknowledged that several years ago, reading this kind of love from someone I truly respect and enjoy would have been so hard for me–I would have struggled to accept a compliment like this.  I remember receiving an award at work, and immediately coming off of the stage, I walked away from the celebration, back to my office to be by myself.  I was overwhelmed by the recognition–it was hard to receive.  Now, I understand that the universe reflects back to me what is inside of me, and if I am in balance, I can receive the gift with love and pleasure.
     Robin wrote:
Here’s an anecdote for you. I was standing at the top of a hill, waiting for my ride outside a restaurant on a little mountain overlooking the sea in Costa Rica last Thursday night. A group of four people–two couples–passed by, older by a few years than I am–and without really looking, they registered as Americans. One woman, short, glowing skin, shockingly white clipped hair, lagged slightly behind her group. I was looking down the bumpy road and comparing it to a mountain road in Nicaragua, but she caught my eye for reasons I cannot explain. I smiled at her and stared hard as she also smiled walking past me. I was left with a kind of photographic after affect, a glow, like a light had gone off after a flash.
I found out later she is a reiki master, gifted according to my Costa Rican friend.
She is you.
     One litmus test of self love is the ability to accept a compliment.  When you receive a note of thanks or a compliment, how do you reply?  What is your reaction?  Your response is an indicator of your ability to recieve love and abundance.
     Balance is present when we can both receive and give–whether that is a compliment, a kind word or deed, a helping hand, whatever is offerred.  Just as important as receiving and appreciating something is giving.  Is it easy for you to say thank you?  To smile at someone?  To lend a helping hand?  To be of service?  Can you let a car go in front of yours?  Do you hold the door open for the person after you?  Do you smile at people?  Each time we give–no matter what energy we are sharing . . .  from a smile, to a hand, to a gesture, to a throught–we allow love and abundance to flow through us, just as receiving indicates that we allow love and abundance to flow through us.
     At Thanksgiving Time, many of us take the time to say thanks.  That’s fantastic!  It’s important to be thankful, appreciative, throughout the year.  Why not take the time to share with someone a special memory, a thank you, an anecdote just because?  I would love for you to join me for the Thanksgiving Afterglow, in which we spread the magic of love.
     I have so appreciated the comments, emails, and phone calls from those who are enjoying my blog.  Each time I hear from one of you, my heart swells.  In the spirit of appreciation and gratitude, I would like to share with you a gift.  With the help and encouragement of my friend, Tammy, I recorded a youtube video on how to make a pendulum and use it to clear and balance your chakras.  Our chakras are our energy centers, and when they are cleared, balanced, and harmonized, we flow through our days.

Clear and Balance Your Chakras with a Pendulum. 

I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear about your experience.  In peace and love, Simone

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