The Divinity That You Are

Love SongsWe are wanting you to know that the divinity within is chief and foremost of all loving vibration. This is the truth. Whether you feel you’re connected with your divinity at all times, whenever, this is the vibration. It is the truth of love.

You may be wondering why it is hard to reach or sustain this connection. Fear not your brilliance. This [being your brilliance at all times] may seem exhausting to some [who may ask], for how am I to be my brilliance in all realms for all time?  Fear not, for being your vibration of love in all times does not mean you must work around the clock.

Indeed, when you are your vibration of love, it is effortless. It IS–that is to say, it exists without effort. It is the essence of who you are. It is always present. It is simply a matter of whether you are aware of or resonating with your vibration of love. To be this vibration requires not work. It does not have to build churches or be busy. It simply means that you acknowledge the vibration of love that resides in every cell of your body.  Allow yourself to feel the love that you are to all. It is not exhausting; perceive not that it requires lofty ideals, super strength, unconditional selflessness.

You are who you are. Be love as you are.

Notice how as you align with the knowing awareness–the vibration of love–you will find more and more you are drawn to that which you love, which brings you joy or keeps harmony within.  Honor each moment that you live the vibration of love and watch how one moment leads to the next, to the next, until your life is a ray of love.  As love is the vibration, you fill love into the world. Allow others to feel the vibration of love around them and in them.

This is the truth of all. You are love. Be it. Vibrate it. And see yourself as the divinity that you are.

2 thoughts on “The Divinity That You Are

  1. This is so true! As I continue to allow the love to flow from within, I continue to create what it is that I want in my life. Of course, this is an overflowing abundance in all aspects… Serving, creating, growing, expanding, learning and financial freedom. Thanks Simone for reminding me to be the love that flows from within…

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