Simone framed croppedSimone is a Quantum Shaman and Soul Whisperer who works with people all over the world as they explore soul consciousness on Earth.

As a Quantum Shamanic practitioner, Simone communicates with a client’s soul and body consciousness, and clients are empowered through a co-creative process, resulting in lasting healing. Because she is working quantumly, multi-dimensionally, she is able to communicate with the soul of any energy.

In addition to being certified in many modalities, Simone has brought through her own soul genius to work with clients. Simone earned a Master’s Degree in Literature, completed the course work for a doctorate in Reading, studied Brainmapping, is a published author, an international speaker, has taught writing and literature at the college level for over 25 years and studied Quantum Medicine.

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Recent Workshops

Soul Communication

In this workshop, learn to communicate at soul consciousness.

Using Intuition In Your Practice (Whatever Your Practice May Be)

In this workshop, develop easy strategies for using intuition when working with clients. Whether you are in sales, coaching, marketing, programming, business, body work, or financial planner, accessing your inner knowing to understand and best serve your clients will make your business flourish.

Paying attention to practical intuition increases results, expands your understanding of and revives your practice, increasing your sense of joy, love and fulfillment. We will explore practical strategies to increase your intuitive abilities, practice sessions in which you utilize intuitive knowledge, development of a strategic plan to continue integrating practical intuition when you return to your practice.  The workshop will include:

  • Exercises for pre-scanning clients
  • Practice accessing and using intuition during the moment
  • Exercises in developing intuition
  • Exercises to develop tools for releasing judgment and bias that limit your success

Moving Stuck Energy

In this interactive workshop, explore the ways in which we get “stuck” in energy patterns that no longer serve us. Learn how to clear up stagnant energy patterns to release new information and liberate yourself.