You Are the New Frontier

I have been reflecting on 2017 as a year of new beginnings.  This morning during the-new-frontiermeditating, I saw the title of a blogpost –The New Frontier — that came through years ago, and I was guided to reread it. The message is so relative to the energy right now I thought I’d repost. Going within and experiencing the infiniteness of you is a great way to begin 2017–this year of new beginnings. Enjoy and remember — You really are the New Frontier!


I had my trade session with my awesome Feldenkrais practitioner, Tammy Rosen last week, and the next day, we were blessed with this amazing channeling. I asked Tammy if she would write up what happened in our sessions as an intro to the channeling–You Are the New Frontier.  Thanks, Tammy!

Last week I had my weekly energetic “play” session with Simone. Sometimes the session are more for the healer–teaching us how to work with clients; sometimes they are more for the recipient. This one was geared toward showing Simone how to sense and see people’s chakra’s dimensionally. She used her hand over my third chakra, feeling what she described as the ridges of it.

She realized she could see not just MY chakra, but the 3rd chakra of all my dimensional selves (what we used to refer to as “past lives” but now that we understand there is no time, we are calling multidimensional selves).  She saw that two of these selves had a pebble stopping up the chakra.  I intended to remove the pebble (she heard that with clients who aren’t such active participants as I, she can just do it herself).  Once the pebbles were removed, I felt a sensation of fullness in my chakra, as if it had grown in strength/depth.  Simone saw it as complex geometries–cogs and wheels that fit and moved together in intricate patterns as the multidimensional selves’ energies interact.  With the pebbles had stopped up that flow.

We did the same thing with my sixth chakra, and then were told that was all for the day.

The following day, I felt confused, as I had been going into my third chakra to meditate with oneness, but now that it felt so expanded, it seemed to extend so far beyond my body, I wasn’t sure how to use it.

Here is the channeled reply:

You Are The New Frontier

Simone saw geometric spaces appear.  She reports they are present as if almost like a vacuum.  She says, “Normally when I think of geometries, they expand out.  This was a flash of what we would perceive as going in. There were just as many dimensions going in, which in terms of linear space and how we experience it, it doesn’t make sense.”

And then the channeling began.

We want you to know that you will be working with all kinds of magical iterations of geometries that there is no forward or backward, up or down. In oneness, gravity does not exist.  In and out, here and there, place and space are not the same as you perceive with your Earth-body presence.  Earth-body presence captures particular space.  It sets boundaries, allows you to perceive distinctions, depths.  In oneness, these boundaries do not exist.  You are not here OR there.  You ARE.

And so as you work with chakras in dimensional reality, you no longer see boundaried space.  You lift the veil to perceive all there is which does not conform to your understanding of Earth time and space.  What you will see, know, feel, experience is radical to your Earth brain as it does not make sense in terms of how Earth world is ordered.  It is like shifting from a gravitational state to weightlessness.  Everything you know about movement shifts when there is no gravity.  Just so, everything you know about chakras changes when you no longer have boundaried time and space. 

While you can wrap your head around worlds within worlds as you look outside of yourself, logically you know there is your galaxy, your universe, infinite space, and yet the thought of infinite space within you seems impossible. You could perhaps wrap your head around going within to a state of zero, a place of zero.  But in your Earth body, you perceive that eventually, there is nothing. 

Simone thinks of the fractal geometry.  One [side of the equation] always expanding to infinity and one always moving to zero.  And yet outside of your system, your Earth body, there are worlds within worlds. There is no direction. And so you are aware of your chakras’ essence, Ness, which is infinite and not bound by any parameters of space, time, gravitational force. 

Imagine asking strangers to be aware of the Earth-bound body and infiniteness as simply as that.  No, they could not imagine it.  They might appreciate the premise. They might play with you in terms of the possibility.  And yet the experience of it would be fleeting for most. And yet now you are experiencing infinite-ness.  One-ness.  Of your own and others geometric-ness.  And it takes your brain some getting used to, though the soul is willing to play.  This [one-ness, Infinite-ness] is not uncommon in the realm of the soul.  It is the knowing, the infinite knowing of the soul.  The home of the soul.

And so imagine that you are shifting from gravity to weightlessness, gravity to weightlessness.  It could create disequilibrium for the brain.  And yet like all things, your human mind will learn to accept the truth of it as you exercise the states of being.  As you flex the muscle of adaptation and perception.  You will learn to feel in flow, bound by your earth body and yet able to experience oneness. 

Throughout time, there have been shape shifters.  Your native peoples learned to shape shift into their spriti-ness.  And this new tool is a form of shape shifting, shifting from physical to non physical.  Shifting from limited to limitlessness.  And it is a beautiful gift.  One to treasure as you learn to travel through space and time. You are the new frontiers. 

Bring Into Light the Bloom of All You Are

Greetings Dear Ones,

And so it is we begin anew today, yet again.

There are always these series of beginnings anew even though you do not see your life as some completely beginning anew because you are in the trajectory of the physical form.  There are indeed a series of cycles that begin anew.

concentric neon pink(Christine shows all these circles, and I can see where the circles start and end, and another circle just pops up. It is like a neon light goes around the circle, and I can see the completion of the cycle, and then it just pops to another cycle.)

One challenge many of you face is you bring the detritus of past experiences into the new cycle of life, the new cycle of learning.

I encourage you to cleanse, to shed to release the experiences of the past and begin anew today. It is as if you are being baptized in the Light of Spirit today for a new phase of your experience, a new phase of your journey.  And I encourage you to receive the Light that I am now bestowing on you.

(I see Light streaming down.)

You are Baptized in the Light, washing from you all non-essential experiences.  It is not that these experiences do not live in you, but what the Light allows you to do is set them down so that you can begin this cycle with a fresh clean, clear perspective of what you want to create as you move forward in this Circle of Light, Consciousness.

Begin anew today, Dear Ones.  Apply yourself as newborn babes with the openness of Spirit and Consciousness eager to see, to feel, to learn, to grow, to experience your environments with the freshness of a child, with the love fresh in your hearts unimpeded by hurt or pain or sorrow.

It is as if your flower has bloomed again.

(Christine showed me this really beautiful Amarylis Bulb.  It was a really big bulb, and it bloomed its really glorious red blossom.  She was showing me that the Amarylis blooms again, and each time it blooms again, it is a brand new perfect expression of the bulb.  But when that new flower blooms, you don’t see any evidence of a harsh winter or a dry winter or a hot winter, what you see is the perfect expression of itself in that cycle.

Create the conditions now that you may bloom again.

And be in love with your creations, adore it/them like you would this divine flower.  Notice your creation of light as the perfection that it is.

There are many stages of growth of the Amarylis.

(Christine shows me the green starts to pop out of the bulb, and she shows me in slow motion the different stages of growth, and she shows me that in some moments if you slowed it down in slow-motion photography, in some moments, it wouldn’t be beautiful.  It would be distorted and ugly until it unfolds, but ultimately what happens is the bloom is in all its Glory. The stalk is amazing. It is strong.  Its green is so green.  It is so vibrant. It breathes and participates in the energetic Cycle of LIfe.

This is what I want you to know today, Dear Ones, that you are starting anew.

Bring into Light the Bloom of all that you want to experience.

I AM Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Energetic Packets of Information in BioGrids: Download Your Gifts

I was working with Christine, and she coached me through some information that was imagesbeing downloaded. What came through was information about packets of information and how to work with these packets of information. You can see how I am processing the information, and hopefully, this will be helpful.

While this message was for me, I shared it with a few people I work with, and they have continually thanked me for it because it has helped them understand their own experiences. Because it was so helpful, I decided to share the information on the blog.

While this was not channeled specifically for the broad audience, I hope it supports you living your life at your highest vibration.


In peace and love, Simone


Okay, what is in our highest good to work on today?

There is so much new information to download.  Okay, where shall we begin?

Let us begin with the information that is available to you.  I want you to go inside and feel into the energetic cube of information that was downloaded this weekend.  Okay.

Soul on FireThere are light years of information implanted in your bio-grid, and it is yours to unveil/unpack this information.

Okay, let us begin with the most logical place.

It is information about downloading.

Okay, what is the info?  To download information, one must be able to perceive it. By perceive we mean become aware that the energetic imprint is in the field. Many carry energetic imprints that they simply ignore.  It is like walking around with post-it notes on the body and not seeing them.

Okay, so are all energetic imprints important to recognize?  By this I mean are some that connect to us the energetic imprint of others.

You are talking about the difference between awareness and ownership.  Yes.  You can and are aware of so much, including each other’s energetic imprints.

It is harder to be aware of your own. So if you are walking around with a post-it note on your forehead that you have chosen not to see, do others see it?  Yes, right away if they are looking.  Some people are not looking and notice nothing in others or themselves.  However, the average person is noticing, has some awareness of surroundings, and registers, oh this person has a post-it on her forehead.

Sometimes, it is easier to recognize the imprints on others more than the imprints on self.

I understand.  So, I might be aware of someone else’s imprint or energy through my awareness but not my own.

Now, if I am aware of others’ imprints, do I have access to them.  No not necessarily.  Sometimes, you will.  Sometimes, others will share that info.  Sometimes, others are aware, cannot access the information, and want help.  So they allow others to access and then share the info with them.  It is a way of accessing what they don’t feel is accessible.

Do we all do that?  Yes, most of you do.

Where do these energetic imprints come from?  There are a variety of ways these are connected.  Some you bring forth when you enter the world.  Others you open up to as you move through your journey.  Think of your soul vibration, that part of your soul vibration that has not come into physical presence, sending packets of information, almost like a bank tube, down into your presence.  Members of your soul group can send information.

Are any of these just picked up?  No.

Can they be implanted on you from a source other than your soul? Yes, in rare occasions, an entity can connect a packet to you.  However, most of you are aware enough to understand this is not mine, I don’t want this, etc.  This is a rare occurrence.

Do beings like arc angels or other beings implant these energetic packets.  No.  They communicate in different ways, though they have access to all of the information in the energetic packets and can help individuals become aware of the information in the packets.

So, what is the purpose of these information packets?  Multifold.

Some of it is different information you planned to access along your journey. Think of these like time markers/event markers.  After this time/event, awareness becomes such that you can access another packet.

Some are for advanced studies in whatever the areas of experience and expertise you have.

Some are like bonus information—there if you want to explore but not essential for your soul’s plan or gifts.  There are more, but this covers the basics.  Okay.

What questions am I not knowing to ask that would be perfect to ask now?

  • How do you access the packets?
  • How do you become aware of how many you currently have available?

Okay, so how do you access?

First is an awareness of the info.

Second is an intention to open the packet/access the energetic imprint of information.

Okay.  So, I ask that I am able to open the energetic imprint and access the packet, packets, that it is in my Highest Good to open right now.  I feel an opening, a sort of unwinding.  Great.

Now what are you experiencing?  An expansion of sorts.

What are you expanding into?  Lightness–a feeling of lighter weight.  And that is expanding out from me. Now light, as in glowing.  I saw the word freedom, so I’m wondering if this information is about freedom.  Indeed, it is.

What is there for me to know about freedom from this energetic packet?  That freedom is from within and is available to you at any time.

Define freedom for me.  Freedom is the power to reside in one’s own energy to be free of all attachments.  To be the living light of the soul unencumbered by perceptions, beliefs, arroyos or energy flows.

Does this mean that freedom is the ability to isolate one’s energy?  In a sense.  For there is no complete isolation in a world that is comprised of energy.  However, imagine a bubble of energy, and as other waves approach it, they glide over the surface, not affecting it. As in pictures of what you know as aerodynamics.  Okay.

So freedom is a sort of aerodynamics? That is one way of describing it.  It is an accurate way.  All metaphors have anomalies or stopgaps, but it is indeed a fairly above-average metaphor.  Okay.

So freedom is the ability in a sense to self contain one’s energy.  Indeed.

So what is the purpose of self-containment?  In one’s own energy, growth and development are exponentialized, for in our own energy, you can see clearly the pathways for your own growth.

Okay, is there any importance to growing together?  Yes, indeed there are moments of growth in community.  Neither are the only way for growth to occur.  We show you that growth is possible with any number of other energies.  You posited with other humans, and yet there are so many more energetic partners than humans.

I can see that from beings in nature to other dimensional beings from fairies to arc angels to all sorts of other energetic presences.  <I had a vision of other nature spirits and others being energetic partners> Indeed.

Okay, so through freedom, growth is possible.  Yes.

What else is important about freedom? Possibility exists in freedom.  Possibilities open beings up to expansion, creation.  You go to the name of your business expanding horizons, which could as easily be creating horizons.  Yes.  I see that.

What else is there in this packet of energy about freedom that is important to bring into awareness?  That different people have different packets.

Is it important for me to share this information about freedom?  Yes and no.

It is for your journey, and if you share it, know that sometimes it will be received warmly and other times, it will be more info than can be condensed into someone’s energetic force/presence, so worry not whether others accept or reject the knowing.  Okay.

Anything else?  No. That is all about this packet for now.

This is all for now, Dear One.  Rest. Be in the energy of knowing.  Open to the vibration of love within you.


I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound, yours in Peace and Harmony.

Shine In The Light of The Sun In Love

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound, and I am here with you today to discuss the rampage of love spreading through your planet on this day, Valentine’s Day.

For you see, there are so many of you who need a word or a phrase to anchor you in the energy of love as does this feast of St. Valentine.

And we ask the question, what if every day was Valentine’s Day? What if every day, you woke up and declared your love for all around you? What if every day you knew you were loved?

imagesFor you are and you do, Dear Ones.

And for this day, we hope you bask in the energy of love–whether you leave your home or remain snuggled in, know that the energy of love is all around you. It is in the Quantum field, and it is there waiting for you to tap into the vibration.

Notice Dear Ones, if you are able to go outside, experience the energy in the air. Hear the birds chirping, witness the skies–whether blue skies or filled with water, there is love all around you. There is joy all around you.

Bask in it, Dear Ones. Even if you cannot see or feel it, it is there. Know the truth of love.

In recognizing the vibration of love around you, you invite it into your energy field and bring it forward with you into your lives, into your homes, your relationships, your jobs/tasks.

Be not afraid to love, Dear Ones, for it is the reason you are here. To shine in the light of the sun with love.

I am yours in Love, Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Energetic Keys: The Art of Possibility

We are wanting you to be in flow in your lives, and when your energy centers are stopped, this affects the harmonic.Fractal vision background

Much time is spent on one chakra or another, and yet that is only part of the equation. Chakras being open and spiraling in balance and harmony within self are very important. For when one is balanced, harmonized and energized, the harmonic that is possible between multiple beings is exponential.

I encourage you to work on not only clearing your chakras but also balance and harmonize them. Then open them up.

Imagine that you are a car guy, working on an engine. You may have seen someone leaning over a car, and touching a lever that allows the engine to rev. When you are harmonized and balanced, you are able to open up to the flow of more pranic energy. And just like in any engine system, when the airflow is maximized, potential can be realized.

Indeed, some of you are now thinking about breadth. And that is true. When your chakras are cleared, balanced, and harmonized, they have the potential to be energized, and using your breath allows you to infuse your whole system with more energy.

Worry not about what type of breath you take. For it matters not which system or how. Find your most comfortable breath. Sync with it, and as you are breathing with ease, and comfort and joy, you are releasing and opening, and this is when you can access your energetic keys. For you have opened the space within your body, your vibration, so that you are able to access the harmonic of you.

This is just the beginning, for the more and more you place yourself in a state of balanced harmony that is energized, the more and more you sync with your energetic keys, and the more conscious awareness you will experience about your soul purposes, gifts, and desires–Where you want to grow and expand. The art of possibility will spring forth from you.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound.

Simone:  Christine, this is beautiful. I keep seeing dials.

Christine: Energetic keys–because you are accessing yours. Some may call this a blueprint, which is another way of saying energetic key. Worry not about the syntax as all rhetoric reaches someone. You have dialed into the messages. It is for you to share.

Simone:  THANKS!

Energetic Keys: Peace & Hope

This is a message of hope for the coming year. Many are facing crises after crises, and whether it has been a few months or a few years, many souls are ready for an easing of the pressure. It is coming.

As the energy becomes more and more stabilized, people are being allowed a bit of breath to get used to the new frequencies. We are shifting into a time of hope and compassion for many.

There are those who learn from conflict and pain, and this is their path; however, the choice of peace and hope is yours to have, especially if you are reading this message.

I am embedding key codes for viewers of this message to unlock for themselves.Energetic Keys

As you read, you may be noticing a feeling of peacefulness coming over you. If you choose to experience this vibration, it is there for you to harvest any time you choose.

As you breathe, you may be noticing the pace and depth of your breath changing, and I encourage you to go with it, to sink into the relaxation of peace and calming. For when you approach the remainder of your day, you will bring this vibration of peace and hope to all that you attend.

Unite in peace with others who are reading this message of hope and who also un-tap the embedded keys. For as you breathe, so you breathe with them in peace and harmony. You are affecting the vibrational frequency of the Earth, bringing peace and hope to others who are ready to receive.

The beauty of this gift is that you both receive and give with each breath, for it is in perfect harmony. Use the vibration of your breath at any time. While you are driving. While you are sitting and relaxing. While you are living. Simply bring your consciousness to the vibrational key, and you will activate it within you and sync with the frequencies of hope and peace and love.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

The Invisible Becomes Visible

Very excited to invite you to listen to Creative Energy in You Radio Show with Cheri L. R. Taylor.  I’m cocreating with Cheri, and we’re planning for me to work with someone.  Hope you can come check it out.

Wed. Oct 7,  7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Join Cheri as she has a co-creation session with clairvoyant healer and communicator, Simone Gers! Explore how the invisible can become visible in your life! Call in or come into the chat room to ask questions and make comments!

See more at:

Manifesting from the Vibrational Level: Energetic Keys

Greetings Dear Ones,

And as usual, I am thrilled to speak with you today. Know that all the work that you are doing is moving you forward, is helping, facilitating your alignment with your soul selves. And, indeed, sometimes, challenges arise, and, yet, you are both putting forward many strategies and supports that facilitate your growth as divine beings of light And my message today is one of encouragement, is one of knowing. For it is that I want you to know that all you are doing is “paying off”. It is all allowing you to find higher and higher vibrations. You are truly doing your soul work. And this is beautiful and admirable, and I am here to encourage you on today.

And so what is it that you are working on? What is it that you are seeking? What is it that you desire?

For in the seeds of your desires are the keys to knowing.

Feel into your desires. And find the keys, find the seed vibrations of which your soul is aligning. For in the seed of the desire is the truth of the vibration. For you see, sometimes you wish to create, and the seed embedded in the desire is the truth of the vibration.

And perhaps you chose to create selling your home because that was the desire that allowed you to reach the soul vibration you wished to attain that has nothing to do with selling your home. Perhaps your soul wished to experience the lightness of being. And perhaps the notion, the idea of selling your home allowed you to release and let go of material possessions on the physical plane. And on the mental plane, mental-emotional plane, it allowed you to release connection with materialism. And perhaps, on the emotional level, it allowed, supported, your letting go of emotional experiences in the past and the present. And perhaps on the spiritual level, being less weighted down by all the physical, emotional, and mental challenges you bore, you were able to more fully focus on the spiritual.

And yes, Dear Ones, we realize the confusion of creating something not for the thing it is but for the ability to align with your soul’s desires. It can be confusing when what you really want is not directly manifested from the thing that you create.

And yet it takes a keen observer to understand, Oh! Yes! I created this so I could experience that! To understand that wish fulfillment is not always directly inordinately connected to the catalyst, the catalytic being.

And yet, have you not created a process through which you can learn and grow? Indeed, experiencing all the shifts teaches nimbleness.

For it is the wise one who creates the experience and, then, instead of being swept away by what was seemingly wanted has the where withal to check in to notice to understand, Hey! There’s something different here and then to shift gears and to constantly check.

For it is like the wise fisherman who while holding the rudder should seemingly always be looking above the bow in the distance at the place he is going. And yet the wise fisherman knows that it is not just the way forward. The rudder, the vibration of the engine, the surroundings, the surface of the water all provide key feedback through which he can make adjustments and know the true way forward. And so it is. And so it is checking the temperature, checking the energy flows, and indeed going into the soul of your self and understandingPattern.

And yet I provide you with a short cut to engage with the energetic creation to go within, for always the seed of desire–the truest, purest form of that which you hope to create–is embedded in the creation. And should you be able to find it, to connect with it, this is the quickest way to understand that which your soul truly desires, that which is embedded in the creation.

And if you can find clarity with the vibration of the embedded key, you can extract it, engage with the vibration within yourself, draw that vibration into you. And fulfill the desire.

For you may not need to build monuments when you all you truly wanted was to align with your passion.

And for if you can align with your passion, that vibration is within you, and you can experience your passion in all that you are, in all that you do, both in your physical world and your energetic vibration, dimensional experiences.

And for it is like magic in that you are able to skip steps. For why procure the stone, why arrange the moving, why congeal the people and processes, why labor, why promote, why sweat and struggle if you can align with the true desire.

And you see what I am teaching you today is manifestation at the vibrational level. For it is indeed the vibration within you–the internal work the eternal work–that is your true life’s path.

No matter what ye create in your external world, it is what ye create in your internal world–the driving vibration–though hard as that seems to your egoic editor.

And so lift the doors and allow your insides to flow out of you and become keener and keener in your awarenesses of the energetic keys embedded in your creations.

And mistake not what I am saying. I am not saying do not create, for ye are indeed creators. What I am encouraging you, challenging you, is to understand the energetic keys in that which you create. And I am showing you a process through which you may more quickly align with your soul’s purpose and desire.

And this I leave you with today, for I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound.

Acceptance: You Are Light

And so for today, the first lesson is Acceptance.

And what shall ye accept, ye ask. For there is so much to learn and know.

To first accept yourselves as beautiful beings. Do you perceive more the fallible, the egocentric, the I-could-have-done-better, less-than parts? And I ask you to begin with the acceptance of yourself as a light being.

And so what does this mean to you? Yes, you have this vague knowing that light emanates from you. That there is light in every cell. And that you are a series of waves, working together. And yet when you look down at your hands and at your feet and at your body, you see the physical density of physical embodiment.

And so how do we cross the divide from physical to light?

photoFirst, we accept that we are light. For in accepting you are light, then you can develop perception of light. And, so, how do you perceive yourself as light? What light do you perceive yourself to be? And how do you perceive others as light?

And is perception simply visual? For some will claim it is. And others perceive in other ways. And, so, what of the myriad of ways of seeing, perceiving light. For we ask you not to perceive seeing as the only methodology. For some will see with their eyes, and others will hear with their ears, and yet others will know, and the many who feel. And none of these are to be perceived or valued as better or more important than the others.

Also, acceptance relates to acceptance of the way each person knows light. So, you accept yourself as light body–then you begin to perceive light and light body, yours and others. And it is not just people who have light body, for all beings, all spirit in your plane has light body, including tables and chairs, plants and trees, soil and rock, water and wind. All is the essence of light.

And then, it is the acceptance of how that light is perceived. For know that while some will see, others may hear. And there is this understanding that how you experience light, perceive light in this dimensional plane in which your consciousness resides may be different in other dimensional planes. And yet, some of you have chosen to perceive the light in the same manner in which you perceive it in different dimensional planes. And know that what light is perceived and accept that what you perceive may be different from what another perceives. For you see, your light guides what you perceive. Just as others’ lights guide what they perceive. You may be perceiving one dimensional plane of light, while another may be perceiving another dimensional plane of light.

Imagine the wave of light moving through different dimensions, and as the wave moves through different dimensions, can it not help but be affected by that dimensional plane?

And so as beings, you are perceiving light in innumerous planes, and, yet, are you perceiving it in the same plane? Accept that you are not.