Chakras Energize Your Life

When you wake up in the morning, do you ever feel like something just isn’t right?  Or, perhaps, you experience days when you realize that something has shifted, but you can’t put your finger on what it is?

Perhaps your chakras need clearing and balancing.  Last week, I touched on this idea at the end of my post, and this week, I’m going to explore that topic.

Chakras are the energy centers of the body, and keeping them clear, balanced, and harmonized energizes you.  Helps you stay in the flow of life.

There are many ways to clear, balance and harmonize your chakras.  Some use meditation and consciousnly intend to clear their chakras. Others experience their chakras through one of their senses and can clear and balance through that sense.  Pendulums are another tool to clear and balnce the chakras.

I like using a pendulum because it can provide a physical manifestation of the status of a chakra–it can physically show the rate the chakra is turning, how open the chakra is, if it is closed, if it is adjusting, if there are emotional, physical, or energetic blockages are barriers, and if all of your chakras are harmonized.  I also like the data that a pendulum can provide.  If you track the blockages and barriers in the chakras, you can analyze the data to uncover core issues that you may want to transform.

Clearing and balancing your chakras so that you are energized and experience your natural flow of life is like keeping your car running well.  Would you want to drive around in a car that stalled, ran out of gas, was sluggish and you couldn’t depend on it to get you where you’re going?  Not!  Clearing, balancing, and harmonizing your chakras is the same as keeping your engine purring.

Keeping your chakras cleared, balanced and harmonized is a way to take care of yourself, love yourself on the energetic level.  If you eat well, you exercise, you take care of your skin, and you are committed to doing the kinds of things that help you to feel good, adding chakra clearing to your routine allows you to work on the energetic level.  After you learn how, it doesn’t take long.

I like to begin my day by clearing, balancing, and harmonizing my chakras and setting an intention for the day.  In this way, I begin my day with a positive attitude and outlook.  I begin feeling joyful, happy, excited.  Most of the time, I stay in that state of mind, and my day flows.  I seem to drive through a lot of green lights and find a check-out line that has just opened up.  People seem to be nice to me.  I experience general pleasantness in all of my activities.  Many of my friends will say, we need you to bring over some sparkly Simone dust.  What everything in the universe is responding to is my vibrational alignment.  When I start getting red lights or even stuck in traffic, that’s a signal to me that I may be stuck and need to clear my chakras.  And I do.  Who wants life to be a constant stream of stuck, blocks, difficulty?

I’m sure you’ve experienced times when everything you do seems to happen quickly and easily.  When everyone you encounter is friendly, helpful, glad to see you.  And then you may experience times when you wonder if anything will go right.  Imagine being able to say to yourself, I can create a shift right now.  And then being able to do it in a few minutes.  How magical would that be?  Well, you can.

And it’s relatively simple.

To help you get started, I created a youtube video in which I show you how to make and program a pendulum if you don’t have one and how to clear the emotional and physical blocks or barriers, balance and harmonize your chakras. I hope you’ll check it out, like it, and share it with others if you find it helpful.  After all, the more people who are clearing, balancing, and harmonizing their chakras, the happier we can all be as we cocreate in this amazing life.  The higher we all vibrate, the better the whole world is.  Let me know how it goes for you and enjoy!

Clear, Balance, & Harmonize Your Chakras With A Pendulum








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