Ecstacy: Worlds Within Worlds of Words

Rainbow ThistleI have been reading the book The Way of the Essenes, and in one part, it talks about worlds within words. Since the moment I read it, I have been thinking about the idea that within words there are worlds within worlds.

On Feb 27, I channeled Christine, and she addressed this idea, saying:

You have been playing with the notion of the words that you read about worlds within words. Within every word, a universe of meaning and energy trails. While you know it is true, the expansion of the application of this idea to everything you know seems overwhelming as words, most often, do not even take up physical space. Words and thoughts often exist in the realm of the mind, in the air. And yet they contain worlds upon worlds of energy.  What is, how much is energetically involved in, created, embedded in physical things? It is mind-blowing for you to consider. And yet you know it is true. And you have been wrapping your human brain around the idea that in the chair you sit, in the fabric in the rug, in the walls, in the cards, in the signs, in the trees, in the rocks, the leaves, the air, in the clouds, in everything embedded is so much energy.

What is it? What is it saying? What does it mean? It is overwhelming this thought. When you think John Milton was the last human recorded to have read every text written and that was before Internet and how much knowledge sharing is in the world, it seems impossible to know all there is to know and to combine those thoughts with the thought that there are worlds of energy within every word. It is incomprehensible to the human mind. Nearly.  Because as yet, you know this is the truth of it.

Think upon this: if there are worlds within worlds in every word, think of the enormity, the expansiveness of energy. And your human mind thinks what can I know? How much of this can I know?

Even in the fiber of the chair in which you sit. This chair which you have had for over 20 years, how much energy is embedded within it? And your human mind thinks about–when was I cross? When was I unhappy in this chair? What vibrations are woven in the weave? And when you apply that thought to everything your eye casts about on, it can be unnerving, overwhelming. And I see you thinking, I don’t need to know everything because it’s too much. It feels more than you can handle.

And if there are worlds within worlds within each word, what is there beyond the veil? And yet it is quite simple. All leads to love.

If you simply quiet your mind and allow yourself to vibrate with each one [word] to let go of the thought, let go of the knowing, to just feel the vibration, all of the worlds open to the vibration of love. And when you feel the vibration, when you feel into the flow of vibration, there is great stillness and peace of flow that takes you to divine love.

The effect is the exact opposite of what your mind will allow. That chaotic energetic when you pursue the worlds within worlds with human mind, with human knowing and human concepts, you experience these ideas as chaotic movement with polarities.  Good and evil. Difference and separation. The mere reckoning with processes and what all that entails is overwhelming, and yet if you let go of human mind and flip into the energy trail of worlds within worlds, all leads to a love so love you have yet to know or experience it. And yet when you allow yourself the stillness, slide into the flow, all becomes stillness, oneness, peace, ecstasy, love,

I wanted to share this with everyone because I find it just so incredibly beautiful. I am so grateful to Christine for sharing.

You see, my world is filled with words—written words, spoken words, channeled words, thought words.  It seems that all aspects of my life—job, hobby, life, soul purpose—revolve around words.  Communication. You may be thinking, wow, that’s a lot of words she experiences in a day.  What’s ironic is that I experience much of my job, hobby, life, soul purpose in my home in the still, quiet solitude of the rural desert.  If one were a fly on the wall watching me go about most of my day, one might think, hmm . . . where are all the words because it is most often silent.  And yet, words are all over. Everywhere.  Inhabiting my days in so many ways.

I have been contemplating worlds within worlds within each word.  This idea seemed so immense.  Seemingly so much more than I am.  So big that I kept thinking about it.  Have you ever had that experience where you just can’t stop thinking about something that on the cellular level seems true but is bigger than who you are????

As I have been thinking about it, all of these images come to me.  Cartoonish images where I see a person talking and the words appear and this geometry of life flows into the universe.  Then I think now within each one of those words trailing, floating into the universe, there is another universe emitting from it.  I think about a dictionary with all of the different definitions for one word, the fine shades of meaning, and energy trails emitting from each of those and then again.  I imagine all of the words on the internet or facebook or anywhere, really, and then they are flying through the ether and other energy blooms from each and begins its own trail.  It’s all so expansive. So much.  At moments, overwhelming to me.

Through Christine’s message, especially the part about finding the vibration of the word to experience the worlds of energy and that the worlds within worlds within words all leading to love. A love so love I have yet to fully experience it.  I am mesmerized by the idea that instead of these worlds within worlds within words leading to chaos, they lead to stillness.  Oneness.  Peace.  Ecstasy.  Love.

When I was channeling this message, I felt it.  Felt what she was saying, especially the peace, stillness, love.  I knew on a cellular level it was true and desired to share this on the blog, thinking maybe others will feel it as they read it. Just as I typed those words, a Raven is on top of my house cawing, cawing, cawing.  Its caws like an exclamation point. Agreeing. Affirming. Magically acknowledging.  I hope to continue the meditation, following the flow of a word to Oneness. Ecstacy.

I am often so awed by how humans create experiences to learn, and sometimes through the experience, the human mind creates a pattern or belief or perception that is exactly opposite of what was intended, desired.  This was one of those instances for me until Christine clarified.  Now, instead of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the idea that there are worlds within worlds within each word, I am feeling blessed.  Quiet.  Still. Peaceful. Grateful.  Excited by the prospect of experiencing even more.  Excited by the prospect of bringing more love so love to all of my life through words–a word. Any word. Ecstasy. You.

4 thoughts on “Ecstacy: Worlds Within Worlds of Words

  1. I love your post. Reminds me of the powerful and immediate impact that nonphysical energy of words has on the physical construction of water…

    • Yes! Thanks so much for this–I appreciate hearing from you. Love Dr. Emoto’s work! What a lovely connection. Similarly, Angel Words, a book by Doreen & Grant Virtue, looks at the energy of words through recording graphics.

  2. Simone,you should know better than to be overwhelmed 😉
    Our world is a construct and our words are but a finite tool used to describe that construct. We are each a part of the infinite. There is nothing created that can overwhelm us with its enormity when we remember that we are always at the center of creation.

    • 😉 Hey there, Lisa! It’s so good to hear from you. Love it! The other day, I was watching a video on fractals, and as I heard the description of the math equation–one part is always expanding and the other part is always moving to zero, and both parts flow to each other–and watched the images of them, I thought about the worlds upon worlds and now your comment. Fractals are always recreating themselves. 😉

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