Energetic Packets of Information in BioGrids: Download Your Gifts

I was working with Christine, and she coached me through some information that was imagesbeing downloaded. What came through was information about packets of information and how to work with these packets of information. You can see how I am processing the information, and hopefully, this will be helpful.

While this message was for me, I shared it with a few people I work with, and they have continually thanked me for it because it has helped them understand their own experiences. Because it was so helpful, I decided to share the information on the blog.

While this was not channeled specifically for the broad audience, I hope it supports you living your life at your highest vibration.


In peace and love, Simone


Okay, what is in our highest good to work on today?

There is so much new information to download.  Okay, where shall we begin?

Let us begin with the information that is available to you.  I want you to go inside and feel into the energetic cube of information that was downloaded this weekend.  Okay.

Soul on FireThere are light years of information implanted in your bio-grid, and it is yours to unveil/unpack this information.

Okay, let us begin with the most logical place.

It is information about downloading.

Okay, what is the info?  To download information, one must be able to perceive it. By perceive we mean become aware that the energetic imprint is in the field. Many carry energetic imprints that they simply ignore.  It is like walking around with post-it notes on the body and not seeing them.

Okay, so are all energetic imprints important to recognize?  By this I mean are some that connect to us the energetic imprint of others.

You are talking about the difference between awareness and ownership.  Yes.  You can and are aware of so much, including each other’s energetic imprints.

It is harder to be aware of your own. So if you are walking around with a post-it note on your forehead that you have chosen not to see, do others see it?  Yes, right away if they are looking.  Some people are not looking and notice nothing in others or themselves.  However, the average person is noticing, has some awareness of surroundings, and registers, oh this person has a post-it on her forehead.

Sometimes, it is easier to recognize the imprints on others more than the imprints on self.

I understand.  So, I might be aware of someone else’s imprint or energy through my awareness but not my own.

Now, if I am aware of others’ imprints, do I have access to them.  No not necessarily.  Sometimes, you will.  Sometimes, others will share that info.  Sometimes, others are aware, cannot access the information, and want help.  So they allow others to access and then share the info with them.  It is a way of accessing what they don’t feel is accessible.

Do we all do that?  Yes, most of you do.

Where do these energetic imprints come from?  There are a variety of ways these are connected.  Some you bring forth when you enter the world.  Others you open up to as you move through your journey.  Think of your soul vibration, that part of your soul vibration that has not come into physical presence, sending packets of information, almost like a bank tube, down into your presence.  Members of your soul group can send information.

Are any of these just picked up?  No.

Can they be implanted on you from a source other than your soul? Yes, in rare occasions, an entity can connect a packet to you.  However, most of you are aware enough to understand this is not mine, I don’t want this, etc.  This is a rare occurrence.

Do beings like arc angels or other beings implant these energetic packets.  No.  They communicate in different ways, though they have access to all of the information in the energetic packets and can help individuals become aware of the information in the packets.

So, what is the purpose of these information packets?  Multifold.

Some of it is different information you planned to access along your journey. Think of these like time markers/event markers.  After this time/event, awareness becomes such that you can access another packet.

Some are for advanced studies in whatever the areas of experience and expertise you have.

Some are like bonus information—there if you want to explore but not essential for your soul’s plan or gifts.  There are more, but this covers the basics.  Okay.

What questions am I not knowing to ask that would be perfect to ask now?

  • How do you access the packets?
  • How do you become aware of how many you currently have available?

Okay, so how do you access?

First is an awareness of the info.

Second is an intention to open the packet/access the energetic imprint of information.

Okay.  So, I ask that I am able to open the energetic imprint and access the packet, packets, that it is in my Highest Good to open right now.  I feel an opening, a sort of unwinding.  Great.

Now what are you experiencing?  An expansion of sorts.

What are you expanding into?  Lightness–a feeling of lighter weight.  And that is expanding out from me. Now light, as in glowing.  I saw the word freedom, so I’m wondering if this information is about freedom.  Indeed, it is.

What is there for me to know about freedom from this energetic packet?  That freedom is from within and is available to you at any time.

Define freedom for me.  Freedom is the power to reside in one’s own energy to be free of all attachments.  To be the living light of the soul unencumbered by perceptions, beliefs, arroyos or energy flows.

Does this mean that freedom is the ability to isolate one’s energy?  In a sense.  For there is no complete isolation in a world that is comprised of energy.  However, imagine a bubble of energy, and as other waves approach it, they glide over the surface, not affecting it. As in pictures of what you know as aerodynamics.  Okay.

So freedom is a sort of aerodynamics? That is one way of describing it.  It is an accurate way.  All metaphors have anomalies or stopgaps, but it is indeed a fairly above-average metaphor.  Okay.

So freedom is the ability in a sense to self contain one’s energy.  Indeed.

So what is the purpose of self-containment?  In one’s own energy, growth and development are exponentialized, for in our own energy, you can see clearly the pathways for your own growth.

Okay, is there any importance to growing together?  Yes, indeed there are moments of growth in community.  Neither are the only way for growth to occur.  We show you that growth is possible with any number of other energies.  You posited with other humans, and yet there are so many more energetic partners than humans.

I can see that from beings in nature to other dimensional beings from fairies to arc angels to all sorts of other energetic presences.  <I had a vision of other nature spirits and others being energetic partners> Indeed.

Okay, so through freedom, growth is possible.  Yes.

What else is important about freedom? Possibility exists in freedom.  Possibilities open beings up to expansion, creation.  You go to the name of your business expanding horizons, which could as easily be creating horizons.  Yes.  I see that.

What else is there in this packet of energy about freedom that is important to bring into awareness?  That different people have different packets.

Is it important for me to share this information about freedom?  Yes and no.

It is for your journey, and if you share it, know that sometimes it will be received warmly and other times, it will be more info than can be condensed into someone’s energetic force/presence, so worry not whether others accept or reject the knowing.  Okay.

Anything else?  No. That is all about this packet for now.

This is all for now, Dear One.  Rest. Be in the energy of knowing.  Open to the vibration of love within you.


I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound, yours in Peace and Harmony.

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