Manifesting from the Vibrational Level: Energetic Keys

Greetings Dear Ones,

And as usual, I am thrilled to speak with you today. Know that all the work that you are doing is moving you forward, is helping, facilitating your alignment with your soul selves. And, indeed, sometimes, challenges arise, and, yet, you are both putting forward many strategies and supports that facilitate your growth as divine beings of light And my message today is one of encouragement, is one of knowing. For it is that I want you to know that all you are doing is “paying off”. It is all allowing you to find higher and higher vibrations. You are truly doing your soul work. And this is beautiful and admirable, and I am here to encourage you on today.

And so what is it that you are working on? What is it that you are seeking? What is it that you desire?

For in the seeds of your desires are the keys to knowing.

Feel into your desires. And find the keys, find the seed vibrations of which your soul is aligning. For in the seed of the desire is the truth of the vibration. For you see, sometimes you wish to create, and the seed embedded in the desire is the truth of the vibration.

And perhaps you chose to create selling your home because that was the desire that allowed you to reach the soul vibration you wished to attain that has nothing to do with selling your home. Perhaps your soul wished to experience the lightness of being. And perhaps the notion, the idea of selling your home allowed you to release and let go of material possessions on the physical plane. And on the mental plane, mental-emotional plane, it allowed you to release connection with materialism. And perhaps, on the emotional level, it allowed, supported, your letting go of emotional experiences in the past and the present. And perhaps on the spiritual level, being less weighted down by all the physical, emotional, and mental challenges you bore, you were able to more fully focus on the spiritual.

And yes, Dear Ones, we realize the confusion of creating something not for the thing it is but for the ability to align with your soul’s desires. It can be confusing when what you really want is not directly manifested from the thing that you create.

And yet it takes a keen observer to understand, Oh! Yes! I created this so I could experience that! To understand that wish fulfillment is not always directly inordinately connected to the catalyst, the catalytic being.

And yet, have you not created a process through which you can learn and grow? Indeed, experiencing all the shifts teaches nimbleness.

For it is the wise one who creates the experience and, then, instead of being swept away by what was seemingly wanted has the where withal to check in to notice to understand, Hey! There’s something different here and then to shift gears and to constantly check.

For it is like the wise fisherman who while holding the rudder should seemingly always be looking above the bow in the distance at the place he is going. And yet the wise fisherman knows that it is not just the way forward. The rudder, the vibration of the engine, the surroundings, the surface of the water all provide key feedback through which he can make adjustments and know the true way forward. And so it is. And so it is checking the temperature, checking the energy flows, and indeed going into the soul of your self and understandingPattern.

And yet I provide you with a short cut to engage with the energetic creation to go within, for always the seed of desire–the truest, purest form of that which you hope to create–is embedded in the creation. And should you be able to find it, to connect with it, this is the quickest way to understand that which your soul truly desires, that which is embedded in the creation.

And if you can find clarity with the vibration of the embedded key, you can extract it, engage with the vibration within yourself, draw that vibration into you. And fulfill the desire.

For you may not need to build monuments when you all you truly wanted was to align with your passion.

And for if you can align with your passion, that vibration is within you, and you can experience your passion in all that you are, in all that you do, both in your physical world and your energetic vibration, dimensional experiences.

And for it is like magic in that you are able to skip steps. For why procure the stone, why arrange the moving, why congeal the people and processes, why labor, why promote, why sweat and struggle if you can align with the true desire.

And you see what I am teaching you today is manifestation at the vibrational level. For it is indeed the vibration within you–the internal work the eternal work–that is your true life’s path.

No matter what ye create in your external world, it is what ye create in your internal world–the driving vibration–though hard as that seems to your egoic editor.

And so lift the doors and allow your insides to flow out of you and become keener and keener in your awarenesses of the energetic keys embedded in your creations.

And mistake not what I am saying. I am not saying do not create, for ye are indeed creators. What I am encouraging you, challenging you, is to understand the energetic keys in that which you create. And I am showing you a process through which you may more quickly align with your soul’s purpose and desire.

And this I leave you with today, for I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound.

4 thoughts on “Manifesting from the Vibrational Level: Energetic Keys

  1. What a profound post! There is so much here to contemplate. It reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s message:
    “Follow Your Bliss”. This navigation process inherent in creating — going within to remain clear on your direction, path and focus — is so important. I am fascinated by the notion of the
    seed vibrations and “energetic keys” that are embedded in creations . “Lightness of Being” was one example Christine mentions of a Soul Desire. I wonder what would be other examples of Soul Desires. So finding the seed vibrations in our creations helps us find what our Soul is really all about, and being mindful (or a keen observer) of what we’re passionate about is a short-cut to staying True to one’s Life Purpose? I am understanding that the message is to really hone in on the Soul’s Desires, our Desires, and that’s where the Magic happens! Just being able to do that is the challenge though in finding our Way to the “Energetic Keys”…

    • Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about energetic keys and making the connection to Joseph Campbell’s message. Beautiful.

      Yes, that is my understanding–if we tune into the energy of our creations, we can understand the why of the creation–why our soul wants to create in that way, which helps us understand our over-arching soul desires, the themes of our lives.

      Thanks for writing in. We love the dialogue with followers on the blog!

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