Here is Simone’s story, in her own words:

As a girl, I saw and felt energy and had the gift of faith.  I loved others with an open heart and saw good in all people. I figured out that others didn’t experience the world as I did, so I didn’t talk about what I saw, knew, or felt. By the time I was in my mid twenties, my gift of clairvoyance had developed to the point where I saw in film.  After hearing a plopping noise, a screen would appear, and I watched a film.  The messages I received overwhelmed me, so I asked God to make them stop.  The change was immediate.

My Journey:  My life shifted. I went from being happy to having bouts of sadness I didn’t understand.  I had a good husband, happy children, supportive family and friends, and a nice life.  I had been a happy person.  Why was I sad?  What changed?  What was wrong?  I didn’t know.  I didn’t connect shutting down my psychic abilites and energetic gifts with the sadness I felt. I buried myself in family, work, and learning, earning a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Literature, pursuing a doctorate in Language, Reading and Culture, and securing my dream job of teaching adults. Three classes from comprehensive exams for my doctorate, my 21-year-old son was in a life-changing crash, losing his vision and having 30 surgeries over a couple of years.  Unable to juggle my career, my son’s healing process and rehabilitation, and my education, I resigned from my doctoral program to focus on what I knew was a soul-level contract which allowed me to reconnect with my soul self. Then, I was hit from behind and the resulting physical pain was constant.  After knee-replacement surgery, I found Reiki.

New Vision:  Through Reiki, I experienced pain relief, relaxation, balance, healing, and a feeling of well-being, all of which led me to reconnecting with my soul purpose, spiritual gifts, love, joy, peace, and abundance.  Joie de vivre, the desire to experience balance in life returned. I felt aligned with the universe.

Though interesting and enjoyable, the continuous flow of information, experiences, and people through my life were unrecognized invitations to reunite with my clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and many lifetimes as a healer. After being attuned to Reiki, I found the clues all around my life, just waiting to be connected–a library of spiritual books and tools and even practices that were pieces of the puzzle that I somehow had not been able to assemble into a unified picture.  Through Reiki, new mentors and experiences flowed into my life, coaching me to reunite with my soul purpose and allow my psychic, energetic, and spiritual gifts to flourish and transform my life.

This is an ongoing process.

Understanding my experiences reconnected me with gifts from telepathy to channeling, from work with various energies–from essential oils to crystals, from sound to light, and each day the unfolding and reconnecting continues.  Over the years, I learned many other modalities and strategies–working with a Kahuna in Hawaii, training in the Pineal Tones, studying Tesla Metamorphosis (R), becoming an Akashic Records reader and a Oneness Blessing Giver, working with the MAP program, meditating, receiving and being trained in how to pass the Munay-Ki rites, learning variety of other modalities, and studying Quantum Medicine through Quantum University. As my journey unfolds, what I realize is that there are so many ways and modalities to align and harmonize with one’s soul vibration, one’s divine light.

As I continually align with my soul self and consciously create a magical life, the universe responds with extraordinary abundance–I experience the divinity and love in all. My life is magical everyday.

Vision:  Many years ago, a business name, Expanding Horizons, came to me in meditation.  By opening up, focusing on love, and allowing our soul purposes to flourish, horizons expand in miraculous, transformative, benevolent, dimensional, and magical ways.

My Mission:  I work with clients on their transformational journeys as they create the lives they want to live.  On these journeys, I feel like a witness, coach, guide, vibrational tuning fork, dimensional light vibration, and open to whatever needs to come through for the client’s highest good.  The process is co-creative, multi-dimensional, vibrational.  While I may be the channel or conduit, it is the client’s divine munificence that allows the expansion to be realized in the physical plane, and I appreciate the honor of co-creating in divine light.

I am blessed to co-create with and experience the divinity in all and the limitlessness of life.  In gratitude, peace and love,

Simone ~ Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

About Christine, Lady of Light & Sound

In April 2013, Simone began integrating the Ascended Master Christine, Lady of Light & Sound, who is the twin flame to Melchizedek, into her physical body. Christine activated the “God Flame” within Simone’s palms, fingertips and chakras so that she can transmit the vibration of God–a vibration of love and healing to all who desire to receive it.

Simone brings Christine’s wisdom through in channelings and healing sessions, following divine guidance, which includes the use of vibration, light, sacred geometry, crystal wisdom, energetic ley lines in the body, multi-dimensional healing, telepathy, and sound and light healing.