Energetic Keys: The Art of Possibility

We are wanting you to be in flow in your lives, and when your energy centers are stopped, this affects the harmonic.Fractal vision background

Much time is spent on one chakra or another, and yet that is only part of the equation. Chakras being open and spiraling in balance and harmony within self are very important. For when one is balanced, harmonized and energized, the harmonic that is possible between multiple beings is exponential.

I encourage you to work on not only clearing your chakras but also balance and harmonize them. Then open them up.

Imagine that you are a car guy, working on an engine. You may have seen someone leaning over a car, and touching a lever that allows the engine to rev. When you are harmonized and balanced, you are able to open up to the flow of more pranic energy. And just like in any engine system, when the airflow is maximized, potential can be realized.

Indeed, some of you are now thinking about breadth. And that is true. When your chakras are cleared, balanced, and harmonized, they have the potential to be energized, and using your breath allows you to infuse your whole system with more energy.

Worry not about what type of breath you take. For it matters not which system or how. Find your most comfortable breath. Sync with it, and as you are breathing with ease, and comfort and joy, you are releasing and opening, and this is when you can access your energetic keys. For you have opened the space within your body, your vibration, so that you are able to access the harmonic of you.

This is just the beginning, for the more and more you place yourself in a state of balanced harmony that is energized, the more and more you sync with your energetic keys, and the more conscious awareness you will experience about your soul purposes, gifts, and desires–Where you want to grow and expand. The art of possibility will spring forth from you.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound.

Simone:  Christine, this is beautiful. I keep seeing dials.

Christine: Energetic keys–because you are accessing yours. Some may call this a blueprint, which is another way of saying energetic key. Worry not about the syntax as all rhetoric reaches someone. You have dialed into the messages. It is for you to share.

Simone:  THANKS!

5th Chakra

Today, the focus of my discussion with clients in the online class was fifth chakra.  Fifth chakra relates to speaking your truth. As an energy center it revitalizes the truth of who you are.

It is through fifth chakra that we birth our thoughts.  What I love about fifth chakra is that it helps us manifest the energy of our other chakras.  What we think fuels what we say.  What we say, we create.  Often, we bring what is in the other chakras out through fifth chakra.

Think about second chakra, the creative abode.  How do you express your creativity?  Do you sing? Write?  Participate in an activity with others?  How does your your fifth chakra facilitate what you create?

Third chakra energizes our sense of self, our ability to manifest in the world.  How does your fifth chakra facilitate, energize, express your sense of self, what you manifest in the world?   How you feel and think about yourself? What do you say about yourself?

As each of our chakras expands, shifts, changes, so does what we say, and how we speak our truth. Fifth chakra is affected by the changes in other chakras.

Notice how you speak when all of your chakras are cleared and balanced.  Does your voice change?  How do others respond to you when your chakras are aligned and balanced and you speak your truth?

As I clear and balance my chakras everyday, I ask that they all be harmonized too.  It’s fantastic to clear and balance chakras, and I also want each of them to be in harmony with each other.

After we talked about the connections between each of the other chakras and fifth chakra, I shared a harmonizing and energizing meditation with the group and thought I’d share it with everyone.  Enjoy!


Get comfortable.  Take a few deep breaths and relax. Inhale and exhale at your own pace.  Imagine letting go of everything.  If you want to physically facilitate the idea of clearing and letting go, shake your hands–fling them down or up–blow out really quickly, and say I let go.

Draw a generous column of light, at least 3 – 4 inches thick down down around your light body. See the light of this column as you see divine light–whatever color that is for you.  It might be sparkly.  It might be irredescent or have color in it.  The most divine light you can imagine.  Have that generous column of light extend all the way down to the heart of mother/father Earth, connecting mother/father God–the masculine and feminine of divine energy–and mother/father Earth.  Creating a flow of energy passing through you.

On the inside of the column, draw down a shower of light in a vibration that allows you to release anything you are ready to release.  As you draw down the shower of light, imagine your light body, and if you experiences any dark spots, resistance, sticky parts ask that the shower transmute or wash away anything that you are ready to let go of.  The shower of light passes through each of your chakras in your light body, flowing all the way through to mother/father Earth. Run it through your light body and each of the chakras, like a magic eraser, transmuting anything you are ready to let go of.  Notice how your light body feels as the shower flows all the way through to mother/father Earth.  Return your attention to the column of light.  Notice how it feels.  Now, draw down another shower of light on the inside of that column.  Notice if the light body and chakras are clearer, smoother, freer, and if the shower runs right through all the way to mother/father Earth.  If there are any places you need to spend time on, run the shower of light over and around and through until you feel clear.

Now, we are going to pump up the energy inside the column of light with love.  Imagine breathing through your heart chakra.  Imagine breathing love into the column by sending it into the tube from your heart chakra.  Notice how as the inside of the column fills with love, the column expands and shifts into a circle of light, a bubble of loving, glowing light around your light body.  The column expands and expands until it forms the circle of light, and as it shape shifts, you may notice the light change colors.  What color is the light? What colors feel loving? Beautiful?  Comforting? Notice the fullness and shape of your bubble.  Is it symmetrical? Does any area need attention, rounding out anywhere?  Direct loving breath to any area that needs it.  Notice the color.  Experience your love bubble as the most beautiful bubble of light you are capable of creating. Feel in harmony with this light space, this bubble of love.

Now, as you breath love into this harmonized, loving light bubble, it expands.  It doubles in size. You make room in this bubble of love.  Ask that the bubble of love stay inflated.  Now, rotate counterclockwise the outer light shell  and once you get it spinning, rotate the inside of the light bubble clockwise.  Notice what happens when both rotate.

Bring your attention back to your own light body inside of the love bubble.  Think about something you would like to harmonize.  It could be a person, an experience, a relationship, your relationship with an event, something you’d like to create.  Invite this thing into your your love bubble, letting it know you would like to harmonize.  Actually say to it:  “I’d like to harmonize with you.”  I’d like to be in a balanced relationship with you, in which all involved feel love, appreciation, comfort, and joy through this engagement.  That all involved experience abundance through the engagement. Whatever happens through the harmonizing is for the highest good of all involved.  Invite your request into your light bubble.  If what you invite into your love bubble moves in quickly, easily, lovingly, fantastic.  Breathe with it in your bubble of love.

Sometimes, the movement into the bubble is a little slower.  That’s okay.  Send love.  Be love.  Ask: “what do you need to be in a loving, harmonious relationship with me?  Is there something that you need?  Is there some reason why you are reluctant to be in a loving, harmonious relationship with me so that we all benefit the highest possible good?”  Acknowledge whatever is needed. Give it what it asks for if that feels comfortable to you.  Send it love.  Understanding.  Compassion.  You may not agree with what is asked or stated or said to you.  It’s okay.  Just send it acknowledgement.  Love. Speak your truth to it.   Explain why you want to be in harmony, what you will feel when you are in harmony with it.  Be the vibration of love and watch as it comes more and more into your loving light bubble.  Notice how it moves more and more into your love bubble. Ask that it be fully integrated into your bubble of light love and experience for the highest good of all and that everyone involved experience joy.  Peace.  Harmony.

Now, expand your light bubble.  Continue breathing love into it.  Your love is big enough to encompass all.

Let’s energize your loving light bubble with more divine love.  Imagine, multiple rays of light, in different colors, whatever colors you see, perhaps the beams from a rainbow, beams of divine universal light, coming down from the heavens like lasers of light into your light bubble and bringing all of the vibrations, adding all of the vibrations needed by everyone, all aspects to experience this relationship as the most fulfilling manifestation possible for the highest good of all involved.

Some of the lasers are clearing and balancing.  Some of the lasers are energizing.  Some are bringing the divine vibration of love. Some of the lasers are peace. Notice how your bubble changes as the light lasers support you.  Imagine this relationship, this event, this experience has had the highest vibrational outcome, the most benevolent outcome that’s possible for you and all involved.  Harmony. See yourself in the moment of completion where you have that aha moment of this is amazing.  See yourself in the light bubble harmonized.  How does that feel?  Are you smiling?  Do you see the energy coming off of your body?  The joy?  The love?  The peace?  When you feel the highest possible vibration you can feel for this experience, you are ready to step out into your world and manifest that love.

I encourage you to draw on this feeling, this vibration, this love that you created and manifest it as you speak your truth in the world.


7-Month Chakra Course

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 7- Month Chakra Course Details

Do you feel the Universe changing and do you want to be more aligned with who you really are?  Would you like clarity?  Are you changing?  Transforming?  Is your life changing?  Do you want to feel more connected? Sure about your path?  Do you know what you would like to create in your life?

Chakras:  Gateway to Higher Consciousness 

Our energy centers, the chakras are sending out vibrational signals to the universe and attracting to us where we are in balance, flow and harmony and where we have the opportunity to align. Whether we are conscious of it or not, energy blockages or barriers in the chakras are reflected in our life experiences.  Understanding the emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of each chakra and how to clear the blockages or barriers that emerge to balance chakras promotes energetic alignment with our true nature.  Exploring the blockages or barriers that show up in our chakras allows us the opportunity to uncover core issues, perceptions or beliefs to heal, transform, expand, and experience higher states of consciousness.

Your Opportunity:

Consciously or unconsciously, we each create our own reality.  If you feel the Universe changing and you want to be more aligned with who you really are, here is your opportunity to invest in the rest of your life by consciously working with your chakras to:

  • understand the messages they provide,
  • let go of perceptions, beliefs or attitudes that no longer serve you,
  • transform disequilibrium, discomfort, disease or uncertainty,
  • promote healing,
  • experience clarity, balance, wellbeing, peace, joy, harmony, love and abundance?

What is it that you would like to Consciously Create? This course is intended to help participants transform energy to manifest their soul purposes, experience expansion within and with all, and celebrate life.

In this Online-Tele Course, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Focus on one Chakra monthly & the inter-relationship between Chakras throughout the course
  • Learn the emotional, physical & energetic aspects of each Chakra
  • Learn how to clear, balance & harmonize your Chakras
  • Identify, release & transform core issues reflected in your Chakras
  • Understand patterns in your life & develop new perceptions
  • Experience healing on the emotional, physical & spiritual levels to create balance
  • Harmonize your Masculine & Feminine Energy

Online-Tele Course Details:

  • Participate in a 7-month study of the Chakras Dec 12, 2012 – June 11, 2012 with Simone and John
    • On the 12th of each month, you will receive an email with the content, exercises, and assignments
  • During week 3, participate in monthly group conference call with coaching and a meditation
    • Replay the class call and meditation recordings throughout the month to support your journey
  • Receive ongoing support and encouragement and ask questions
    • Receive email updates throughout the month and email Simone & John directly with questions
  • Engage with and connect with class participants and share resources
    • Responses to Blog Topics through Private Course Blog Site
    • If you enjoy Facebook, participate in Private Facebook group


  • $96.00 / month for 6 months (7th month free)
  • $480.00 (pay in full and receive the 7th month free plus a $96.00 gift from Architecture for the Soul)