Shine In The Light of The Sun In Love

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound, and I am here with you today to discuss the rampage of love spreading through your planet on this day, Valentine’s Day.

For you see, there are so many of you who need a word or a phrase to anchor you in the energy of love as does this feast of St. Valentine.

And we ask the question, what if every day was Valentine’s Day? What if every day, you woke up and declared your love for all around you? What if every day you knew you were loved?

imagesFor you are and you do, Dear Ones.

And for this day, we hope you bask in the energy of love–whether you leave your home or remain snuggled in, know that the energy of love is all around you. It is in the Quantum field, and it is there waiting for you to tap into the vibration.

Notice Dear Ones, if you are able to go outside, experience the energy in the air. Hear the birds chirping, witness the skies–whether blue skies or filled with water, there is love all around you. There is joy all around you.

Bask in it, Dear Ones. Even if you cannot see or feel it, it is there. Know the truth of love.

In recognizing the vibration of love around you, you invite it into your energy field and bring it forward with you into your lives, into your homes, your relationships, your jobs/tasks.

Be not afraid to love, Dear Ones, for it is the reason you are here. To shine in the light of the sun with love.

I am yours in Love, Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Gift from Christine: Pineal Activation

Simone channeled the following gift from Christine, Lady of Light and Sound after I asked for Pineal Activation. She offers it to the world– all you need do is watch the video with your intention and you, too, will receive the gift!  –Tammy Rosen (the recipient in the video)


Greetings Dear Ones.  

I have given to you a Pineal Activation to facilitate your expansion.  This activation works to help you release energy from your pineal gland and come more fully into alignment with your light body and gifts. 

After you have experienced this activation, notice for three days what you experience.  You may experience a variety of feelings, thoughts, emotions, knowingness, etc.  You may feel the activation in your physical body as it is occurring and or afterward.  You may experience clarity of thought and knowingness.  You may experience bands of energy releasing from your pineal gland, and if you see things, you may see this process occurring.

It is very important to witness all that you are experiencing, however you notice.  By this, I mean write it down or tell someone who supports you.  Notice everything.

If you are an energy worker, a light being or simply curious, notice how your gifts open up., shift.  No matter what you do, notice how you are more fully connected with your home vibration, your Ness, your soul self. 

You may experience a little impatience as you see and understand things at a different pace than you did before. You may be exponentially faster and struggle to understand why others don’t see things as quickly as you.  Be patient with yourself and others during this time.

If you would like to honor this gift through support, please make a donation at  I have given sacred geometry in the way of numbers, and these geometries work with and enhance the activation.  Choose the amount that resonates with you.  Your honoring is appreciated as it creates balance in the energy exchange.

This is a coceative process, just as any energy exchange is.  And your will to expansion, your honoring of self through the activation and energy exchange, your belief are part of the cocreation. Be with love in this opening of light, this cocreation.

If through your experience with this activation you realize you decide you would like to more fully embrace and use this gift in your own work with clients, email Simone at sg @  I have given a training protocol for anyone who wants to use this gift with others. 

It is my intention to spread light and love in the world, and I do this through light and sound.  I have returned to the Earth plane to help all of humanity in balance, peace, and love. You will know if you are called to help in this manner.

There are so many ways to spread love and light in the world, and whatever your connection to this work, you are dearly loved and appreciated.

In peace and love, Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

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