Shine In The Light of The Sun In Love

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound, and I am here with you today to discuss the rampage of love spreading through your planet on this day, Valentine’s Day.

For you see, there are so many of you who need a word or a phrase to anchor you in the energy of love as does this feast of St. Valentine.

And we ask the question, what if every day was Valentine’s Day? What if every day, you woke up and declared your love for all around you? What if every day you knew you were loved?

imagesFor you are and you do, Dear Ones.

And for this day, we hope you bask in the energy of love–whether you leave your home or remain snuggled in, know that the energy of love is all around you. It is in the Quantum field, and it is there waiting for you to tap into the vibration.

Notice Dear Ones, if you are able to go outside, experience the energy in the air. Hear the birds chirping, witness the skies–whether blue skies or filled with water, there is love all around you. There is joy all around you.

Bask in it, Dear Ones. Even if you cannot see or feel it, it is there. Know the truth of love.

In recognizing the vibration of love around you, you invite it into your energy field and bring it forward with you into your lives, into your homes, your relationships, your jobs/tasks.

Be not afraid to love, Dear Ones, for it is the reason you are here. To shine in the light of the sun with love.

I am yours in Love, Christine, Lady of Light and Sound