Energetic Keys: Peace & Hope

This is a message of hope for the coming year. Many are facing crises after crises, and whether it has been a few months or a few years, many souls are ready for an easing of the pressure. It is coming.

As the energy becomes more and more stabilized, people are being allowed a bit of breath to get used to the new frequencies. We are shifting into a time of hope and compassion for many.

There are those who learn from conflict and pain, and this is their path; however, the choice of peace and hope is yours to have, especially if you are reading this message.

I am embedding key codes for viewers of this message to unlock for themselves.Energetic Keys

As you read, you may be noticing a feeling of peacefulness coming over you. If you choose to experience this vibration, it is there for you to harvest any time you choose.

As you breathe, you may be noticing the pace and depth of your breath changing, and I encourage you to go with it, to sink into the relaxation of peace and calming. For when you approach the remainder of your day, you will bring this vibration of peace and hope to all that you attend.

Unite in peace with others who are reading this message of hope and who also un-tap the embedded keys. For as you breathe, so you breathe with them in peace and harmony. You are affecting the vibrational frequency of the Earth, bringing peace and hope to others who are ready to receive.

The beauty of this gift is that you both receive and give with each breath, for it is in perfect harmony. Use the vibration of your breath at any time. While you are driving. While you are sitting and relaxing. While you are living. Simply bring your consciousness to the vibrational key, and you will activate it within you and sync with the frequencies of hope and peace and love.

I am Christine, Lady of Light and Sound

Align With the Source of Your Soul, All There Is

photoWe are wanting you to know that you are neither here nor there. Neither up nor down. Neither right nor wrong. For there is no position except that which you perceive in your time space continuum. This is not the truth of who you are. The truth of who you are is vibration and light.

Even that which you perceive as negative is vibration and, thus, light. And so you are dallying around the questions of is this right? Is this wrong? Is this good? Is this bad? And these are not the questions that allow you to attain that which you most desire: Love.

Consider questions of how does this feel? What does this feel like inside of me? Is this what I want to feel? What do I want to feel? For you see, the answer is not the same for each and every person. For the answers are as unique as people in the world. For your soul may want to align with peace and love and joy, and yet the way your soul chooses to align is through the discovery of dramas you play out in your lives with others who are choosing to learn with you. For you see, your soul may desire the feeling of anger nee frustration for the sake of experiencing extreme joy. (Image of a pimple popping– the explosion is an ecstatic release.)

For you see, sometimes it is through the comparisons of vibrations, the contrasts of vibrations through which you learn. And for how can this be good or bad, right or wrong? For it is the vibrational experience through which your soul aligns.

And for the sake of this discussion, let us choose to focus on aligning with your soul purpose.

Do you truly know that which you want or are you simply aligning with that which appears present in your life? Have you merely been caught up in the vibrational flow of everything around you: people, places, environments, things? Or have you sat in the seat of your soul? Consciously searched, aligned with your passion and imagined bringing that to life? And if all you can do is dream it, fantasize, visualize, consider, explore, learn, discuss, taste, experience, then begin there and experience the joy of it.

For you see, through the immersion of your consciousness in whatever level of engagement your current life seems to allow, you are able to create the energy pathways through which your soul vibration can shine and align.

And this is what we are encouraging you to do on this day of love.

As the energy is shifting in the next few weeks, we are encouraging you to know what your soul wants to bloom and encourage you to give this gift to yourself. And to know that at whatever level of your experience you find yourself, you can align closer and closer and closer to your divine soul energy–the source of your love for yourself and all there is.

And so it is.


Love: Quantum-Ness That Holds Everything

In response to the post Vibrational Allowing about a month ago, the following question was asked.  I feel this message also expands on the message You Are The New Frontier.  You may want to reread those in relation to reading this one. Enjoy.

How can one know the differences between the daily experience and the signs that arise that indicate the directional shift?

Fractal vision backgroundBut are they different? It is through your daily experience that signs arise. It is through the signs that arise that your daily experience emerges.

This is a chicken or egg question.

It is the exploration between the physical and non physical.

Does the experience give bloom to the divine message? Or does the message drive the daily experience? All is energy flow. They are at once. The same. It is simply a matter of what your consciousness perceives first that informs your notion of cause and affect. Energy is always there. It is simply a matter of what you bring your consciousness to first.

Whether you notice, I did this and then this happened, or this happened and then I did this.

This [perception] is an issue of understanding.

You are being guided through a shift that is so dramatic that it is confusing. We ask you to take your consciousness to the very beings of your cells. The atomic, the subatomic level.

We ask you to allow the unpacking of digital data and coding to arise. Unfold. We ask you to notice the unfolding consciously and to be aware of the full messages that flow within you. You have been given knowledge to heal on the quantum level, and you have not fully unpacked the information, so it is as if you are firing on half cylinders when the power to run on a full engine is within you.

Simone describes what she sees:  I see you looking into your body after you’ve allowed these cells to unpack and unfold. It’s like they are in these honeycomb-shaped packages that open up like those little toys that are called transformers. So the cells open up but not like a box. More like a transformation. It is definitely in honeycomb shapes, and they magically transform as if every surface transforms into some other surface. A dodecahedron-shaped cell turns into a star tetrahedron structure.

Simone can see your consciousness holding space for the unfolding of the transformer to occur, allowing for the new cells, or unpacked information, and then she is just watching them work, and they work so differently than cells used to work. I’m being shown an image that is like a movie in a science class and like Disney world in the body video when it shows the cells moving forward, in and out, jockeying like they are on a freeway, and it (the image) shifts from that to a dimensional energy if you can imagine that freeway like jockeying of movement blowing up dimensionally. A blood vessel like a freeway and everything pops up and its more like a swirling energy, that doesn’t just move forward, but it moves on multiple planes, spinning and swirling, in a geometrical way. And the colors, at first were red, greens and blue, but in the second image, as cells pop up dimensionally, the colors are more like the colors that you would see in a bubble. The shades are constantly changing into other shades and sparkling and then going into other shades. Then transforming into a swirl, and a wave of energy.

And as you are noticing this with your conscious mind, you are getting a download of energy. It is like type written text that is scrolling through your brain. It is like claircognizance. It [the text, the information] is just flowing in like a ticker tape, just downloading.

If you want to capture it, you have the potential to just observe it and memorize/know, but you also have the ability to type, as if in dictation.

You can also use these tapes, these downloads, to heal others as well. Just sharing this information you will be radiating this new light. As you radiate this new light you will have the consciousness that once I was that, and now I am this. You know that you can now do these other things that you couldn’t really do before. It is all just there like magic. And the whole time I am watching you, your whole body is just glowing light.

Many people have experienced similar downloads or upgrades in their cellular structures and have yet to open the quantum information packets. Some don’t know they even exist. Others know of the existence but have not perceived themselves at that level capable or special enough. Anyone who is finding this information has to some degree or another received, integrated energy that may still be untapped.

I encourage you all to allow for your quantum-ness to unfold, to unpack, to come alive and shine from within you.

For some of you, this will shift your energy into a noticeable glow. Some of you will become conscious of information, knowledge, and new experiences. That is to say that you will engage with the allowing in different ways. The manifestations within you will blossom in distinct ways, distinct, yet nonetheless powerful in and of its own right.

Know this. There is no one way. There is no textbook case. While there may be some similar flows here and there, you are receiving the light of your own divineness, distinct in its beauty and its love. Love none the less.

Love is an interesting quality as its manifestations are as diverse as kaleidoscopes swirling, and yet no matter the manifestation, the vibration of love is distinct and known and felt and seen or noticed.

And so it is.

We encourage you to notice the vibration of love everywhere you are as it is there. It is showing me the vibration of love is on the cellular level of everything. Love is the quantumness that holds everything, energetic structure of all energy and movement.

Always there are various shades.

Sometimes it is in me. Sometimes it’s the super structure and always present. It is just a matter of being present and noticing it (the vibration of love). This is what we want you to know.



I was working with a client this week, and at the end of the session, she told me that another client had shared a meditation that I’d taught her.

I call it a Clev . . . christ light energy vortex–think christ as in christos–pronounced sleeve . . . and it’s a beautiful energy that transmutes lower vibrational energy, grounds one to mother-father God and mother-father Earth, and energizes through connection to divine energy.

Melchizedek gave this to me to share with anyone who would like support.

You can create your own Clev.  Here’s how:

Imagine a column of divine white light coming from mother-father God (Divinity, source energy, universal light force energy, use the term that’s comfortable to you) and extending down into mother-father Earth.

When I see this column, it’s thick–it reminds me of a concrete culvert in that the walls of the column are pretty thick.  The walls sparkle and vibrate, look like tv fuzz to me, sparkly white fuzz.

Once the column is in place, imagine it turning counterclockwise.

While keeping the first column turning counterclockwise, draw down another thick column of divine light on the outside of this one.  When it is connected to mother-father Earth, turn it clockwise.

As this column spins clockwise, an alchemy occurs–the columns somehow become one.

This Clev transmutes energy that vibrates lower than love, so it can help you stay in your own energy.  It grounds you to the Earth and Divinity, and it can be used to energize.  Intend that the Clev remain activated for your perfect and highest good.

I teach this gift to many, and I encourage you to try it to see if you enjoy it.

So, my client shares with me that my other client taught her to Clev.  The first time she did, she received a beautiful affirmation.  Her son and her husband went somewhere, and when they returned home, her son told her, Mom, I missed you while I was gone, and I saw this beautiful white light all around you.

She told me, My son never misses me–has never said he missed me.  And that he saw me in the white light, I knew that the Clev was in place and working.  THANKS! It’s helped me so much!

I love her story, and it motivated me to share the Clev on the blog. I hope you will try Cleving.

I’d love to hear about your experience!



Love the Process of Ascension

Each of us is on a journey, and the journey never ends.  We can choose to love the journey, be indifferent, resist, enjoy, or worry about it.  We control the journey and how we feel about it.  Why not love the ride?  Enjoy the views, the vistas, the slow and the fast, the hills and the bumps, the twists and the turns, the stop lights and the green lights, the other drivers.

Notice how you experience your day.  When all is going well, do you just expect it?  Are you thankful for the flow?  Notice how you respond when you hit what appears to be a snag.  How do you feel?

What happens to you when you are driving down the road and there is road construction?  Do you think, “oh, no, I’m going to be late.” And then proceed to focus on how late you’re going to be, feeling bad each second?  Or do you know that you will arrive in divine timing?

I used to worry about being late and keeping someone waiting for me.  I live pretty far out in the country, and there is so much terrain I cover—anything can happen on the journey.  When I get in the car, I ask that I arrive in perfect timing.  I thank my car for getting me there safely, and I am thankful for everything I experience on my way.  Most of the time, my journey speeds by because I am enjoying it so much.  Sometimes, though, the train is crossing or road construction slows the flow.  Great, I think.  Thank you for slowing me down or giving me this time to breathe or enjoy the view. I know I will arrive in divine timing, so I can relax and enjoy whatever it is.  I often use this gift of time to breathe an enjoy the view.  I like to look around the area and notice what is going on in nature and look up at the the sky.  Noticing what’s beautiful or interesting brings joy to my day.  When I arrive, it’s always perfect timing.  I arrive happy, and so whoever I’m meeting is happy to see me.

Talking about the driving journey is just a metaphor for the journey of life.  Where are you in your life journey?  How do you feel about your journey?  It’s important to note how you feel.  What you feel about the journey reveals what’s inside of you.

If you are happy when you think of your life journey, fantastic!  Are you sharing your joy with others?  Perhaps your life could inspire others to find the joy in their own lives.  Perhaps you can share the joy with each other. I love it when others share something wonderful about their lives with me.  I feel their joy—its abundance evokes joy in me. Anytime we share our joy with others, the feeling is exponentialized in the universe.

What do you want to feel?  If it’s exactly what you want to feel right now, that’s awesome.  Share that abundance with someone else.  If it’s not, can you focus on what you’d like to feel?  Each day, simply focusing on the feeling you would like to create in your life can change the journey for you.  Once you have the feeling, sync with the vibration of it.  If you would like more fun in your life, just feel what fun feels like.  Maybe you can remember a time you were having fun, and then you can connect with what fun felt like in your body. Sync with that feeling as often as you can.  All you have to do is imagine fun and feel it.  Consider when you sit up in bed first thing in the morning, sync with it and ask that the feeling and vibration be with you all day.  What will begin to happen is that as you sync to the vibration of fun, you will attract fun.  When fun shows up, thank it.  Appreciate it.  Fun will come into your life, and as it does, you will be living the fun you wanted to create.

Recently, a client shared that he wasn’t enjoying his job.  When I asked him what he wasn’t enjoying, he mentioned a few things, but mostly what he focused on was the feeling inside of himself.  I asked him if he felt like there was some other job that he would like better.  He didn’t know.  I asked him if he thought with his educational background and experience if he could find something that would make him feel better.  He didn’t know.  I asked him if he wanted to fall in love with his job again.  He said he didn’t know how.  I encouraged him to find the things he loved in his job.  Really notice them.  Thank them.  Feel appreciation for each thing.  Even if he had to start small with I love the temperature of my office.  I love that my paycheck is deposited like clockwork.  I love how short my drive to work is.  I love that I live in a place that has a climate that makes me feel good.  Whatever it was.  I suggested that if for just a week he focused on the things that he liked, he might feel better about his job.  A week later, he felt completely differently.  He was happy again.  He noticed that as he focused on the little things, more that he appreciated became visible.

I believe what happened for him was that as he focused on what he liked, the vibration of happiness became stronger in him.  As the vibration of happiness strengthened, he attracted and was attracted to more of his job that brought him joy.  As he focused on what he liked, more of what he liked came to him.  As more of what he liked was in his experience, less of what he didn’t like was in his experience.

What my client also realized was that he chose his points of focus.  He created his happiness.  As he realized this, he also realized that he had created the other experiences too.  He had created the unhappiness, his dissatisfaction.  It’s true.  He did.  We all do.  In focusing on what he wanted . . . which was to like his job . . . all he had to do was sync with the vibration of liking.

I am working with another client who wants to create a new job for herself.  She was miserable in her job.  So, we started working on what her new job would feel like, what parts of herself would shine and be appreciated in her new job.  She is really clear.  What’s happened has been pretty magical.  As she focused on what she wanted to feel like in her new job, she started to feel this vibration in her current job.  She still wants a new job and is actively creating it, yet what’s great is that while she knows her current job isn’t the best fit, she’s at least enjoying her time there. What’s also great is that as she looks for the new job, she’s vibrating what she wants and bringing these new vibrations of happiness and clarity to her job search, which will help her sync with the company and position that will be her match. Now she’s having fun in the process and feeling empowered.

Many say, everything happens for a reason, and they believe it. Even if they don’t know what the reason is, they have faith that they are better for it.  I believe the reason is inside of you.  The reason you find inside of yourself.  That reason vibrates in you.

You know what’s inside of you.  If you read this and you think, I don’t always know what I’m feeling inside.  I understand.  We often go through periods of change or transition when we don’t exactly know.  But we can.  Close your eyes and ask your body, what do you feel right now? Perhaps it’s confusion.  That’s a start.  If that’s not what you want to feel, then ask yourself what you do want, and refocus on the feeling and vibration of it.

The thing is, no matter what you create right now, you’ll want to create something else along the way.  That’s what life is all about.  The journey. The process.

Sometimes, the speed bump, the road construction, the accident in the road allows the truth of your feelings to be revealed.  Sometimes, a new perception uncovered.  Understanding the vibration of whatever you feel as you experience your journey is your truth.  Right in that moment. You are the creative mastermind of you.

Even when we feel happy, we can want to feel something new too.  Variety and creating is exciting to many.

Whatever your motivation, watch how as you sync with the vibration of what you want, the feeling manifests in your thoughts and experiences as it becomes your reality. It might not look like what you envisioned, but it will feel like what is inside of you.  Understand the magic of creating what you want to feel.  Why not love the ride–whatever it is?  Love the process, the journey, of you.  Love the feeling of you.