You Are the New Frontier

I have been reflecting on 2017 as a year of new beginnings.  This morning during the-new-frontiermeditating, I saw the title of a blogpost –The New Frontier — that came through years ago, and I was guided to reread it. The message is so relative to the energy right now I thought I’d repost. Going within and experiencing the infiniteness of you is a great way to begin 2017–this year of new beginnings. Enjoy and remember — You really are the New Frontier!


I had my trade session with my awesome Feldenkrais practitioner, Tammy Rosen last week, and the next day, we were blessed with this amazing channeling. I asked Tammy if she would write up what happened in our sessions as an intro to the channeling–You Are the New Frontier.  Thanks, Tammy!

Last week I had my weekly energetic “play” session with Simone. Sometimes the session are more for the healer–teaching us how to work with clients; sometimes they are more for the recipient. This one was geared toward showing Simone how to sense and see people’s chakra’s dimensionally. She used her hand over my third chakra, feeling what she described as the ridges of it.

She realized she could see not just MY chakra, but the 3rd chakra of all my dimensional selves (what we used to refer to as “past lives” but now that we understand there is no time, we are calling multidimensional selves).  She saw that two of these selves had a pebble stopping up the chakra.  I intended to remove the pebble (she heard that with clients who aren’t such active participants as I, she can just do it herself).  Once the pebbles were removed, I felt a sensation of fullness in my chakra, as if it had grown in strength/depth.  Simone saw it as complex geometries–cogs and wheels that fit and moved together in intricate patterns as the multidimensional selves’ energies interact.  With the pebbles had stopped up that flow.

We did the same thing with my sixth chakra, and then were told that was all for the day.

The following day, I felt confused, as I had been going into my third chakra to meditate with oneness, but now that it felt so expanded, it seemed to extend so far beyond my body, I wasn’t sure how to use it.

Here is the channeled reply:

You Are The New Frontier

Simone saw geometric spaces appear.  She reports they are present as if almost like a vacuum.  She says, “Normally when I think of geometries, they expand out.  This was a flash of what we would perceive as going in. There were just as many dimensions going in, which in terms of linear space and how we experience it, it doesn’t make sense.”

And then the channeling began.

We want you to know that you will be working with all kinds of magical iterations of geometries that there is no forward or backward, up or down. In oneness, gravity does not exist.  In and out, here and there, place and space are not the same as you perceive with your Earth-body presence.  Earth-body presence captures particular space.  It sets boundaries, allows you to perceive distinctions, depths.  In oneness, these boundaries do not exist.  You are not here OR there.  You ARE.

And so as you work with chakras in dimensional reality, you no longer see boundaried space.  You lift the veil to perceive all there is which does not conform to your understanding of Earth time and space.  What you will see, know, feel, experience is radical to your Earth brain as it does not make sense in terms of how Earth world is ordered.  It is like shifting from a gravitational state to weightlessness.  Everything you know about movement shifts when there is no gravity.  Just so, everything you know about chakras changes when you no longer have boundaried time and space. 

While you can wrap your head around worlds within worlds as you look outside of yourself, logically you know there is your galaxy, your universe, infinite space, and yet the thought of infinite space within you seems impossible. You could perhaps wrap your head around going within to a state of zero, a place of zero.  But in your Earth body, you perceive that eventually, there is nothing. 

Simone thinks of the fractal geometry.  One [side of the equation] always expanding to infinity and one always moving to zero.  And yet outside of your system, your Earth body, there are worlds within worlds. There is no direction. And so you are aware of your chakras’ essence, Ness, which is infinite and not bound by any parameters of space, time, gravitational force. 

Imagine asking strangers to be aware of the Earth-bound body and infiniteness as simply as that.  No, they could not imagine it.  They might appreciate the premise. They might play with you in terms of the possibility.  And yet the experience of it would be fleeting for most. And yet now you are experiencing infinite-ness.  One-ness.  Of your own and others geometric-ness.  And it takes your brain some getting used to, though the soul is willing to play.  This [one-ness, Infinite-ness] is not uncommon in the realm of the soul.  It is the knowing, the infinite knowing of the soul.  The home of the soul.

And so imagine that you are shifting from gravity to weightlessness, gravity to weightlessness.  It could create disequilibrium for the brain.  And yet like all things, your human mind will learn to accept the truth of it as you exercise the states of being.  As you flex the muscle of adaptation and perception.  You will learn to feel in flow, bound by your earth body and yet able to experience oneness. 

Throughout time, there have been shape shifters.  Your native peoples learned to shape shift into their spriti-ness.  And this new tool is a form of shape shifting, shifting from physical to non physical.  Shifting from limited to limitlessness.  And it is a beautiful gift.  One to treasure as you learn to travel through space and time. You are the new frontiers. 

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