Seeds of Love

Are you readyRecently, I was working with a client, and the message that came through was so beautiful that I wanted to share with everyone.  My client graciously offered the story for the blog.  Thanks so much! 

My client said she’d received many indications that her grandmother was trying to give her a message and asked if I could find out what Grandma Mary was trying to tell her.

Grandma Mary asked:  What are you planting in your life?  Then she flashed pictures of a row in a garden being planted.  Each seed being placed in the soil, pressed down, and covered up.  Then she stood back and watched the plants grow.  Some grew and some didn’t.  Grandma Mary looked at my client and asked:  What are you planting with love?  Then she turned back to look at the field of crops.  Some of the plants were growing and some weren’t.  There was just a blank space.

My client admitted that she was doing some things without love.

Then Grandma Mary flashed a picture of my client casting seeds, as if she were spinning in a circle.  She asked:  How much are you planting?

My client admitted she’s doing many things.  Some she does with complete love and joy.  Then after reflection, she said, and I’m doing some things with love, but I am frustrated that others aren’t helping me.

There’s a rub. 

I know in my own life, I’ve committed to a lot of things, and I was doing them with all of my heart.  And after a while, it frustrated me that others weren’t participating in what I perceived as wholeheartedly. I don’t really know how to do things half-heartedly. And I had moments in which I felt I was carrying the load.  My issue wasn’t with the other people.  It was with myself.  You see, I was committed to so many things and doing them all with a full heart, and I was committed to too many things, so I was tired.  Out of balance. When I am committed wholeheartedly in a balance manner, I never notice what others are or aren’t doing because I am moving forward in love of self, in love of what I’m doing, in love with others, in love with the world.  

I asked my client:  Why does it bother you that others aren’t helping as you wish they would? Do you want to commit to this thing?  Are you committed to too many things?  Are you committed in balance with love for yourself? 

She admitted that in one area of her life, she was doing too much.  Then she had an epiphany, saying:  I really love two events.  I’d like to commit to chair those events and allow someone else to step up for leadership on the board.

What fantastic clarity! 

Grandma Mary then said, I decide what I’m going to do.  Then she flashed a picture of her pressing her lips together in a firm smile, and she made me feel how grounded she was to that spot, to the Earth—to what she wants.  It was clear–no one was going to push Grandma Mary into doing something she couldn’t do with love.  Then she walked back to her garden to plant with love.

Grandma Mary provided a wonderful reflection for all of us.

What are you “planting” in your life without love?  Is this what you want to plant your energy in?  Will this energy/effort grow, bear fruit for you?  Have you scattered your energy seeds too thin?  How does this affect you?  Can you shift—choose to plant everything in your life with love, no matter what others invest?

Do others move you to plant seeds you don’t want to plant?  Is this energy working for you? Do you resent investing energy in plants that will never bear fruit for you? Is this where you want to plant your energy?

Do you have the courage to plant only what you can infuse with love?

What do you plant with wholehearted love?  How does it grow, energize you?  How does it fill your life with love?

My husband has always been a gardener.  When we were first married, I always thought of spring as the time for planting.  April showers bring May flowers, right?  He always wanted to do major planting in the Fall.  He taught me that Fall is a great time for planting too, especially trees and other plants that appreciate time to get their roots settled and acclimated and energy stored up over the Fall and Winter, so that in spring, they are fully rooted in the soil and share the most magnificent blooming in Spring. He showed me that what we plant in Fall really comes to life in Spring.

Grandma Mary reminds us that planting our lives with love is essential to growth. What seeds of love do you want to plant this Fall? 

Thanks, Grandma Mary, for this beautiful message.

Continue Your Journey of Love

Continue Your Journey of LoveWhat you are experiencing is a dialing up, dialing in, as your energy shifts and changes in the flow of love. Your perception about life, yourself, your place in the world, your motivation and your desires, are all shifting. Think of it– it [your life in the flow of love] cannot help but to change, so as you are in the flow of love, as you practice the act of love, you are bound to see anew.

Horizons have shifted. You cannot help but feel the new perception like shifting sand, like the shifting tides.  For change is among you.

Exhale, breathe in, relax. Exhale, breathe in, relax.

Notice what you love around you. Feel the gratitude for all that you are, all that you have done, all that is. You have created new points of view from the cellular level through love and gratitude.  You are focused on the vibration of love. You are shaking up the world with your new view, with your view of love, your vibration of truth. You are indeed a mover and shaker.

And your commitment to self is commendable. For as you grow in truth and love and in the truth of your love, as you see yourself as a loving being, so too do others see themselves. Simply shine your light of love first and foremost for yourself, and as it shines, you light the world–the truth of your flame in all its glory.  Hold it as the wondrous light that it is.

Notice the ease with which you have come to be, to feel your light. It may feel so easy that you wonder if you are indeed being your light, your vibration of love.  Wonder not. Being your vibration of love is easy.

We love this work with you. For as you align ever more deeply with the light of your love, you step into your soul purpose. Your truth.  Fulfill your soul‘s desire. We celebrate your success with you. Congratulations, dear one.

Continue your journey of love.

Love Songs

How do you speak to the person you are in love with?  What are some of the phrases you say to that person?  I love you. You are beautiful.  I love the way you make me feel. Thank you. I am so happy to be here with you. I can’t wait to spend time with you.  I love taking care of you.  What do you say about your loved ones to others?  He makes me so happy. She brings out the best in me. I want to be my best when I am with him.

Do you speak to yourself in similar ways?  Do you tell yourself I love you?  I am beautiful.  I feel good about myself.  Thank you.  I am happy to be me.  I can’t wait to do something for myself.  I love taking care of myself.  The things you say to yourself, about yourself are a reflection of your love for yourself.

Several years ago I had knee replacement, and during the recovery process, I went shopping with a friend. We found that we were at different racks, and we’d call out to the each other and hold something up, and it was the same shirt or dress. I was trying on a few things in the fitting room, and she brought a dress for me to try on. Here, she said. Try this on—you’ll look great in this. So, I tried the dress on. I did look good, but the dress was a little short for me. I walked out to show her and look in the mirror, and she said, Wow. You look amazing. 

Yeah, I said, I like it, but it’s short. I hate my knees showing. She said to me, if you talked about me like that, I’d want to be replaced too. Then she turned and walked away. I stood there looking in the mirror at my knees, and I suddenly realized what I had been telling them almost my whole life. Right there, as I stood looking at my knees in the mirror, I said, I’m sorry. I love you kneesThank you for taking care of me on this journey. I sent them love. I bought the dress.

Every time I look at my knees, I say, thank you.  I love you. My perception of my knees as knobby goes back to when I was just a girl in dance class. But, now that I am telling them that I love them every chance I get, they are changing shape, they are so pleasing to me when I look at them.  I genuinely feel love for them. I feel their beauty.

What are you telling yourself during the day?  Do you say thank you?  Are you grateful for your body?  Do you appreciate your mind?  Your looks?  Your coordination?  Your energy?  How do you speak to yourself.  Would you stick around and listen to yourself or would you walk away if you could?  When you buy clothes, what are the things you think or mutter to yourself?  When you look in the mirror, what do you think?  What do you say to yourself when you forget something?  Take a wrong turn?  Misplace something?  Do you believe in yourself?  Do you encourage yourself?  Do you say, good job?  Yeah me?

Consider when you energize–verbalize or think–negativity about yourself, you release to the universe the message I don’t love myself. I don’t deserve to be loved, to hear love, to be thanked, to be honored, which is reflected back to you.

When you energize love to yourself in thought, action, word, you reflect to the universe your love for yourself, which is reflected back to you.  Intend to speak to yourself as you would to someone you love.

Everything you say to yourself has the potential to be a love song.  If you miss a turn or are running late, can you perceive that you will arrive in divine timing–at the perfect moment for you?  Imagine yourself walking in feeling confident that all is well. When you look in the mirror, can you choose to like what you see?  If you like what you see, you will engage more confidently, comfortably, lovingly in everything you do during the day. Can you find something to admire? I look like I feel good today. Imagine if you feel good about yourself throughout your day how others will feel good about you too.  If you get tired during the day, can you love your body for it’s work?  I worked so hard and am thankful for my body for doing everything it could to get me through.  I appreciate it signaling to me that I need to take care of it, myself, and rest. In moments when you feel stupid or awkward, can you perceive something different?  Thank your highest self for the opportunity to look at or feel something new, learn something new. Appreciate the opportunity to experience disequillibrium and learn balance. Saying something as simple I love learning changes the song you sing to yourself.

As you move through your week, I encourage you to think about the way you talk to yourself and be your own best friend, love and admire yourself. Engage your sense of humor and appreciation.  Value what you do. Value your efforts.  Appreciate who you are.  Love yourself enough to speak to yourself with love and respect.

Consider how your day might transform if every morning when you are getting dressed, brushing your teeth, fixing your hair, and looking in the mirror, you say to yourself, thank you.  I love you.  I appreciate you today.  And then intend to express appreciation and love to yourself all day long.  If you consciously intend to express love, kindness, gratitude and appreciation to yourself throughout the day, how might you feel differently by the end of the day?

This week, I encourage you to play your own love songs—through your thoughts, words and actions. You may realize that you need to record some new tracks.  You may realize you love yourself in some ways and have the opportunity to improve in others. When you love yourself, you send the message to the universe that you deserve love, and the universe will reflect that song back to you.   When you sing love songs to yourself, the world harmonizes with you.

I hope you fall in love with the melodies and tunes of your own thoughts, actions, and words.  I would love to hear how you harmonized with your own love songs this week.  Please keep me posted.

Receive and Give Love: Breathe In and Out

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

Where are your thoughts?  Where your thoughts are as you wake up indicate in what you invest your energy, where you place your love.  If you are thinking about what you want in your day, fantastic.  If you are thinking about other people, work, what needs to be done, etc, consider how focusing on yourself for a few moments each morning can shift your whole day.

When you wake up, ask yourself “What is MY intention for this day?”  Consider how you want to feel for the day or what you would like to achieve.  Your intention may be as simple as:

  • I intend to be happy with myself all day no matter what happens.
  • I intend to be calm today.
  • I intend to be peaceful.
  • I intend to flow with each moment of the day.
  • I intend to recognize that I am doing the best I can in each moment.

What would bring you the most joy?  Intend it.

Or, if you want to accomplish something, intend that.

  • I intend to feel joy in my accomplishment as I work on X project today.
  • I intend to have fun with everything I do today.
  • I intend to mow the grass and finish half of my to-do list and then do something fun.
  • I intend to exercise today.
  • I intend to be conscious about what I am focusing on today.  I intend to focus on the positive.

Intending what you want for yourself equates to loving yourself enough to prioritize your desires. When you place your feet on the floor, state your intention out loud.  Own it.  In doing so, you set the vibrational tone of your day, you send the message “what I want matters today.  I am a priority.”

As you go through your day, pay attention to how you respond to others.  Do you receive? Deflect?  Reject?  By understanding how you respond to others, you gain insight to your ability to receive. When someone says “thank you” to you, how do you respond?  “You’re welcome.”  “No, thank you.”  “I didn’t do anything, really.  It was <the team, all your work, insert some other reply.>”  “No need to thank me.”  Your answers indicate your receptivity.

You signal I accept/allow/receive when you respond with “You’re welcome” or by returning a smile.  Deflecting or rejecting what others give you with comments like “No.  It’s you who deserves thanks” or “It was nothing” or “I didn’t do anything” deflects the gratitude given and signals you are unable to receive.

If someone offers to help you, from holding a door open to helping with some task or making your day easier in some way, do you accept the gesture?  Do you respond with a “thank you?”  Do you decline with responses like “I’ve got it” or “No need” or “It’s nothing”?  Your response reveals your love story.

Really pay attention to how you respond.  Focus on accepting “thank yous.” A simple “you’re welcome” is all that is needed to shift your energy to receiving.  Notice how the person who offered gratitude responds to your acceptance.  Notice who around you accepts gratitude all of the time, some of the time, or none of the time and how others engage with these responses.

Accepting the gratitude, kindness or help of others is an indicator that you are receiving not only gratitude and love but abundance from the universe.  Consciously intend to accept kindness, gratitude and love from others—consciously receive. Notice if you accept easily and effortforlessly or if you have to work at it.  Notice how receiving feels to you.

Think about how easily and joyfully people who are in love give and receive love.  They delight in both giving and receiving. Accepting gratitude, kindness, and love is essential to falling in love with you. Giving and receiving is like breathing in and out.  Breathing is the balanced flow of intake and output.  Receiving kindness, gratitude, or any kind of love, is just as vital as giving it. Receiving is one way to experience loving yourself.

I’d love to hear how you allow yourself to receive love this week and what you noticed along the way.

Fall In Love

When was the last time you heard someone say something like I am so in love with   . . ..?  I’m so in love with <insert name>.  He brings out the best in me.  I’m so in love with her.  She makes me feel like the man/woman I’m supposed to be.  I am so in love with this house.  It’s so inviting.  I love being in it–the view is amazing. I feel so comfortable.  I love that place!  Let’s go there!

How did you feel when you listen to someone gush about loving?

When others are filled with love, with abundance, with joy, with magic, how does it feel to be around them?  Do you enjoy it?  Is the love they feel infectious? Is it uncomfortable?  Annoying?

What we feel when we are in the presence of love is a reflection of the love we feel in and for ourselves.

I propose that it’s time to fall in love with yourself.  That’s right.  There is nothing better for wellbeing, balance, harmony, joy, or peace than self love . . . falling in love with yourself.  When we love ourselves, we take care of ourselves.  Have fun with ourselves.  Enjoy ourselves.  Are happy with ourselves.

What I’m proposing may seem exciting, or at least interesting to some, and scary to uncomfortable to others.  Isn’t it exciting, or at least interesting, to experience something new . . .  some new feeling?  Think about the last time you fell in love with something.  How’d it feel?  Easy?  Joyful?  Were you anxious at times?  Giddy at others?  Sure?  Unsure?  Excited to see what unfolded?  Eager for the next step?  Falling in love often takes us through a range of emotions. . . . What do you remember feeling?

Consider looking in the mirror and saying, I love you.  I love myself.

When you try it, how does it feel?  Do you want to turn away quickly?  Or are you comfortable with looking at yourself?

I started dancing when I was four years old.  Being short, I was always on the end of the line where there was no mirror.  If I looked slightly to my left, I saw the other girls in the mirror.  Later when classes were smaller and I was in a duet or trio, I was right in front of the mirror.  It was hard for me to look at myself.  I often watched the other girls or looked away, so I didn’t lose focus on the dance.  When I watched myself in the mirror, I saw all of my flaws and was very uncomfortable.  It was uncomfortable for me to look in any mirror.

How do you feel when you look in the mirror?  What goes through your mind?  What do you say to yourself?  What if you just changed the script?  What would happen if we all changed our scripts?

What would the world be like if everyone was taught to say, feel, and know:  “I love my self.  I am in love with myself.  I love loving myself.  Loving myself brings me joy.  Makes me happy.  Makes me feel . . . .  Is peaceful.  Is . . . . .

What will happen if you love yourself?  What will change for you?

I invite you to sign up for my blog and join me on a journey of love this fall.  Let’s explore falling in love with ourselves and see where that takes us.  It’s going to be an exciting journey.

Over the next week, ask:

  • Am I ready to fall in love with myself?
    • If you feel uncomfortable with that question, ask:   What do I fear?
      • Acknowledge whatever comes up.  Don’t be afraid to allow whatever you feel.  Accepting your fears is accepting yourself.  Rejecting your fears is rejecting a part of yourself.  If you can accept what you feel, you can love yourself.
      • What in the world could be more important than loving myself?
      • Am I ready to invest in my single-most valuable asset–me?

Let’s fall in love this fall.  With you.